Utilities and communications

Providing digital solutions for network planning, design, maintenance and real-time operations.

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Hexagon  helps utilities and communications companies achieve greater service reliability, increase operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. We support hundreds of utilities and communications customers around the world with solutions for network engineering and design, operations and maintenance.

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Hexagon technologies are used throughout the complete lifecycle of vertical structures, with solutions that ensure projects are optimised to reduce rework and built to plan — on time and on budget — while protecting human and material resources throughout the life of utilities and communications assets.

Design phase

Capture an accurate digital reality of a building site’s existing conditions, features and positioning to help digitally design initial concepts that minimise inputs and reduce waste during the project.

Plan phase

Transform your vision and design into a plan of action, digitally mapping out every detail for the construction phase including materials, scheduling and cost.

Build phase

Orchestrate the construction process more simply, creating a model of productivity and efficiency with higher quality, fewer reworks and less waste while ensuring worksite safety.

Operate and maintain phase

Leverage data from design, plan and build phases to optimize operations, maintenance, safety, and resilience.

Cities and nations
For utility and communications providers, ensuring network capacity and resiliency presents many complex challenges. Explore how Hexagon partners with cities and nations to improve service reliability through better network engineering, planning and management.

Utilities and communications solutions

Achieve greater network service reliability, enhance integrity, increase efficiency and fulfil the expectations of utility stakeholders with Hexagon’s location-based technologies.

Industrial facilities
Offerings for the full lifecycle of utilities, with solutions that enable utility assets to ramp up quickly while operating safely and reliably throughout a more sustainable, longer-term lifespan. Explore how Hexagon is empowering an increasingly autonomous future for electric, gas and water utilities.

Design phase

Transform the project vision with Hexagon’s design and engineering software that is the gold standard for precision and ease of use.

Plan phase

Capture an exact digital twin of a site’s existing conditions, features and precise location to facilitate digital design concepts that drive efficiencies and reduce waste throughout the asset lifecycle.

Build phase

Orchestrate a construction project that is a model of productivity and efficiency — achieving the highest quality while avoiding rework and waste.

Operate and maintain phase

Leverage data from the planning, design and build phases to create an operational twin that connects people, processes and events throughout the entire industrial facility lifecycle.

Explore how Hexagon is empowering the utilities and communications industry with solutions that support the complete lifecycle of large-scale engineering projects, and are optimised to reduce rework and deliver on time and on budget — while protecting human and material resources.

Plan phase

Visualise the site above and below ground, digitally mapping out every detail for the construction phase, including time, materials, estimating, scheduling and cost.

Design phase

Digitally capture all the right distances and volumes that are key to construction performance, with accurate positioning and measurements integrated into the 3D model.

Construct phase

Maintain a data-driven approach to orchestrate the entire construction phase, creating a 3D model of productivity and efficiency — with higher quality, fewer reworks and less waste — while layering 4D cost and 5D BIM scheduling data throughout the project.

Operate and maintain phase

Empower asset owners and operators with solutions that go beyond smart infrastructure and provide 24/7 visibility into the operational twin to optimise safety and efficiency throughout all operations and maintenance while extending the life of the infrastructure asset.

The discrete manufacturing ecosystem encompasses everything from design and engineering to production and assembly to quality control, distribution to end-of-life recycling. Hexagon provides manufacturing technology solutions to help digitally transform every phase of the manufacturing process.

Digital transformation

Deploy Hexagon’s sensor software systems to transform siloed and disconnected processes into an integrated, data-driven manufacturing ecosystem that captures and creates value across the product lifecycle, enabling new business models and automating workflows to become increasingly autonomous, efficient and sustainable.