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Create dynamic maps, dashboards and applications to improve services, assets and more.

urban digital twin

Urban digital twins and climate change

In this white paper, learn how cities can use an urban digital twin to solve specific challenges and create value for officials and residents.

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Hexagon gives governments and businesses the ability to create dynamic geospatial dashboards and applications that monitor, evaluate and operationalise data from maps, imagery, IoT sensors, real-time feeds, databases and more to improve their services.

  • Public safety
  • Public services
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Mapping

From high-profile events to daily operations, Hexagon's dynamic map-based dashboards and applications help public safety agencies make data-driven decisions to improve citizen and community safety. With our platforms, police and other emergency services can leverage maps and imagery, monitor real-time data, analyse and report crime and incident trends and more.

image of police with emergency service vehicle

With our geospatial platforms, government authorities and departments can visualise, analyse and share location-based information impacting residents, infrastructure and services. Our map-based solutions improve planning, streamline administration and enhance daily operations for land and property administration, public works, emergency management and numerous other public services. 

city hall or public admin building

From fleet management to network operations to service optimisation, Hexagon’s dynamic map-based dashboards and applications combine spatial data with real-time information about passengers, assets and more to help transportation authorities and departments improve planning, operations and maintenance, service reliability and safety.

Software dashboard displayed on tablet computer

Hexagon’s dynamic map-based dashboards and applications help utilities and telecommunication companies monitor and analyse information about their networks, assets, service territories, customers and more. Our geospatial platforms streamline planning and operations processes and help decision-makers obtain greater insights about their services and networks.  

An image of telecommunications/ cellular tower

With our geospatial platforms, any organization can embed location-based visualisation, analysis and capabilities into their workflows. From sharing maps to empowering customers and employees to deriving greater insights into services and operations, Hexagon’s dynamic map-based dashboards and applications help mapping providers and location-enabled services improve their productivity, effectiveness and outcomes.

A hand supporting a digital representation of a digital map with location pins

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