CAD and Visualisation

Quickly and easily create fully intelligent 3D plant and facility models.

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Innovative plant modelling software and CAD visualisation from Hexagon provides consistent 2D/3D integration between process engineering and detailed engineering disciplines and true workflow-managed integration across the project enterprise.

3D CAD for detailed design

  • Data integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Smart decisions
  • Multi-format

Capturing new and existing design knowledge to be used on future projects represents a key competitive edge. Hexagon’s 3D design solutions preserve the integrity of design data and enable reuse for future projects based on existing designs.

a futuristic digital render of blue lights and data blocks

Hexagon’s 3D design and CAD solutions allow for quick and easy creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models. Our solutions offer unparalleled flexibility and collaboration.

3D Design and visual from plant model

Smart 3D provides a multi-discipline design environment where designs are fully visible to all parties. Make informed decisions about system design by reviewing the model with stakeholders at any design stage.

3D Design shared visual and program.

Work with an array of 3D design formats in a single hybrid model while sharing engineering data across teams via integration with Hexagon solutions.


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