Capital Budgeting & Funding

Align capital budgets and plans to your strategic vision. Ensure priorities are properly funded.

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Capital budgeting and fund management are pivotal in business growth and value maximisation, forming a crucial part of any project portfolio management solution. This involves overcoming crucial challenges of tailoring budgeting and planning to the unique processes of diverse organisations and managing funding information across a myriad of contexts – from departmental budgeting, joint venture funding, project funding, or public sector grants, taxes and bond issues.

EcoSys serves as an integrated platform for these requirements, offering a flexible approach for capital budgeting and robust capabilities in fund management. It optimises fund management by connecting strategic portfolio-level funding rules with tactical project controls and project management progress data, ensuring maximum value delivery for your business.


Key benefits for Capital Budgeting & Funding

Improve capital efficiency and control annual spending while optimising fund management across the enterprise and throughout the project lifecycle. EcoSys enables:

Plan for success

Even within a single organisation, the workflows to create, review, approve and change capital budgets and plans can be quite different between divisions, functional areas, or projects. As a result, the software that you choose must adapt your processes, rather than force you to change your processes to fit the software.

EcoSys delivers best practice approaches for capital budgeting and planning while providing you the flexibility to follow your own processes that are already established and working. Managing all project portfolio management and project controls & project management processes in one environment gives you the visibility to deliver multi-year capital plans that facilitate organisational growth.

Follow the money

While organisations may have a good handle on current funding, approval status, and where funds are allocated, they often lack visibility into project and operational execution. This makes it difficult to assess whether funds are effectively used for their intended purpose, and near impossible to take corrective action in a timely manner.

EcoSys connects fund management with other project portfolio management and project controls & project management processes. This gives you full visibility of funding – from creation and definition to allocation and utilisation. The more you can see how funds flow throughout the project and portfolio lifecycle, the better you are able to identify trends and correct under and over utilisation of funds.

Highlights of Capital Budgeting & Funding

EcoSys’ out-of-the-box capabilities manage both capital budgeting and fund management within the same software, optimising resource use across your enterprise with connected data.

  • Budgeting and Planning – Create and manage time-phased budgets, while aligning them to long-term strategic priorities. Leverage accurate forecasts and scenarios to improve capital efficiency and control spending.

  • Monitoring and Performance – Monitor current plans against baselines to identify potential issues and communicate benefits-driven plans to stakeholders. Define how the capital plan will improve performance and drive growth.

  • Pivot investments for greater capital efficiency – With visibility into the entire flow of funds across the budgeting and project execution lifecycle, reduce friction and increase agility in changing capital allocation as internal or external “shocks” necessitate re-evaluation and re-prioritisation.

  • Fund Management – Define, create, and manage hundreds of fund sources, aligning funding releases with project cash flow forecasts and schedules. Maintain compliance, limit overutilisation, and ensure efficient fund request processes.

  • Allocation and Strategic Alignment – Analyse funds to identify under- or over-allocation, rebalance portfolios, and re-allocate under-utilised funds. Identify and address bottlenecks in funding request and approval processes to keep the process aligned with strategy.

Asset Investment Planning (AIP)

For a deeper dive into Resource Planning, Hexagon’s EcoSys bridges the gap between Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Project Portfolio Planning to deliver a more holistic approach to AIP.

Traditionally, AIP solutions have struggled to use and interpret mission-critical data as many capital-intensive organisations have relied on a fractured web of asset and project management solutions, causing a lack of visibility that paralyses decision-makers.

To combat this, industry leaders are leveraging EcoSys to tie asset performance to project selection and planning. EcoSys users are presented with different investment portfolio scenarios that are automatically analysed to identify the best combination of projects to counter the biggest risks. As a result, resources are maximised and asset maintenance and replacement become more efficient due to perfectly timed projects.


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