Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) Solutions

Centralise critical industrial information and eliminate value leaks throughout the asset lifecycle.

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From concept and design through operations, maintenance and decommissioning, Hexagon's ALIM and performance management solutions transform unorganised data into intelligent information, enabling smarter design, construction and operation of industrial projects.

From concepts to operations

  • Concept & FEED
  • Detail design
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Maintenance

Concept & FEED

To keep an industrial project operating smoothly through its asset lifecycle, efficient and intelligent plant engineering is essential from the outset. Hexagon's comprehensive asset design software is designed for today's around-the-clock global engineering workshare environment.

All engineering disciplines are intelligent and fully connected, with changes in one area triggering automatic changes in all associated objects regardless of the location of the change. Hexagon's asset design software enhances project optimisation, while its rule-driven environment prevents engineering errors that can lead to shutdowns and lost production.

design layout image of a power generation assets using Hexagon solutions

Detail design

In the manufacturing and process industries, achieving higher production goals and complying with stricter regulations starts with creating a more efficient plant. Hexagon's detail design solutions offer a connected design environment for plant construction, enabling for the definition and management of the 3D plant model.

This intelligent, rule-based 3D environment facilitiates quicker, integrated plant design and engineering, promotes collaboration and shortens time to market. Hexagon's innovative plant modeling software ensures consistent 2D/3D interoperability between process engineering and detailed engineering disciplines, along with well-managed workflows across the entire project enterprise.

a prototype design of a multi-renewable energy plant (MREP) together with some classic offshore drilling units using Hexagon software


Hexagon's asset control system streamlines procurement, fabrication and construction processes, saving valuable production time during plant construction. It covers the entire project management lifecycle, from materials specification and change management to procurement, tracking, inventory management, forecasting and material issuing. By driving efficiencies, Hexagon's asset performance management solutions help prevent costly material surpluses/shortages and reduces overall project risk.

3D rendered image that depicts the different lifecycle phases of a plant's construction, from initial black-and-white drawing to completed model using Hexagon's software


Hexagon's asset performance management solutions are instrumental in helping organisations overcome the complex challenge of managing vast amounts of unstructured information, such as data sheets, drawings and various documents scattered across paper files, folders and siloed databases. These solutions have been widely adopted across many industries for their proven reliability for reducing operational risk, enhancing efficiency, minimising downtime, eliminating value losses and increasing compliance with internal and external regulations.

Hexagon's technology enables the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive digital thread across the asset's entire lifecycle. This integration seamlessly connects an organisation's safety-critical operational processes, procedures, permits, alarm management protocols, maintenance work orders, real-time and historical process data, engineering schematics and technical documentation with 3D models, laser scans and cybersecurity safeguards. This holistic approach empowers asset owners and operators to efficiently manage modern industrial operations, optimise performance and safeguard critical assets.

Asset performance management dashboard combining operations, maintenance, safety, engineering, reliability and real-time data


Hexagon's asset performance management and maintenance solutions play a crucial role in maximising asset value while minimising operational risks and unplanned costs. Optimising business processes and asset maintenance strategies ensures operational efficiency and asset reliability. It empowers organisations to predict and prevent failures, enhance failure management and exercise cost control effectively.

Maintenance solutions serve as the cornerstone of digital innovation in asset-intensive industries. They enable the creation of digital operational twins, providing comprehensive insight across the asset lifecycle. This includes the condition and performance of fixed assets, including capital and process equipment (e.g., machines, trucks, valves, turbines, pumps), critical infrastructure (e.g., roads, railways, pipelines, communications networks) and entire buildings and facilities. These solutions are essential for maintaining optimal asset performance and minimising costly downtime.

Hexagon operator rounds and shift handover software that is used to manage maintenance inspections.


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