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As a leading global provider of geospatial data capture and processing solutions, Hexagon deploys its airborne mapping sensors and software to offer the world’s largest library of on-demand aerial data, geospatial imagery and mapping services in collaboration with our customers and partners.

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Democratising access to quality maps

Cities are growing due to urbanisation, rural areas are developing as infrastructure evolves and farmlands are adapting to feed an increasing population. Such rapid change outpaces the speed at which we can map countries, cities and infrastructure. 

To keep up with the real world, Hexagon has changed the way we map. The HxGN Content Program continuously captures geospatial data and produces maps according to consistent specifications and refresh schedules, creating a standardised product suitable for many applications. As part of the “sharing economy” the data is made available to everyone through the cloud at affordable price points. 

Together with our network of local partners, we are continuously expanding the coverage areas and data products of the HxGN Content Program to keep democratising access to high-quality maps.

New York City

High-quality cloud-based geospatial data

The HxGN Content Program, Hexagon’s aerial data program, offers the largest library of high-resolution aerial imagery, elevation data, 3D models and analytics across North America and Europe.

Since its inception in 2014, the Content Program has followed rigorous acquisition and processing standards to offer the high positional accuracy for various applications such as mapping, urban planning, asset management, feature extraction, object classification, app basemaps and more. The exceptional data consistency over large areas makes the solution an ideal training data set for machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Surface model

Extract information with AI & machine learning

The unprecedented quality, consistency and repeatability makes Hexagon’s aerial data an ideal base for machine learning and AI applications to extract features and classify objects. This new way of extracting information from aerial data enables Hexagon as well as our customers and partners to provide intelligent information layers. 

Typical extractions include land cover maps, building footprints and height models, vegetation classifications, transport infrastructure maps and many more. In addition, Hexagon offers flexible use terms that allow users to create any derived products.

Land cover

Geospatial Mapping Services

Is your area not covered by the HxGN Content Program? Do you need to cover large areas according to exact specifications? Hexagon provides mapping and data processing services for very select projects and in collaboration with our local mapping customers and partners. We only deploy our cutting-edge airborne sensor technology and workflows to provide best-in-class data quality. 

Over the last ten years, our global production centers have processed over 30 million square kilometers of aerial data and feature some of the world’s best data centers for geospatial content creation, which have helped many customers temporarily scale their production capacities. Contact us to enquire about mapping and processing services. 

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