Jobsite Safety Compliance

Digitalise and mobilise jobsite safety processes through mobile digital workflows.

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Nexus Connected Worker modernises data collection from the field by digitalising paper-based processes using the latest technology. Our apps improve daily activities to increase the speed, accuracy and safety of processes for construction companies. It allows you to quickly access key information and standardise workflows, bridging the gap from office to jobsite in real time.


Jobsite safety compliance

Nexus Connected Worker integrates and mobilises your safety procedures to minimise danger to workers and promote a culture of safety.

Tailored for your unique work environment, our software raises safety awareness, drives adherence to safety processes and ensures workers’ knowledge of up-to-date standards from OSHA and other agencies. Our easy-to-use system offers benefits like these:

  • Automates safety inspections, reports and action plans 
  • Ensures you close the loop on corrective action
  • Automates error notifications
  • Provides pushbutton information retrieval
  • Reduces your organisation’s legal exposure 

With capabilities to pinpoint and analyse jobsite safety hazards, automate repeatable processes, maintain current regulatory information, send and receive real-time notifications and maintain accurate incident records, our solution not only reduces accidents, but also builds employee trust and protects your organisation.

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