Office and Field Workflow Optimisation

Digitise and optimise your total workflow with integrated software solutions.  

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Hexagon’s office and field software provides optimised workflow solutions across industries and project lifecycles. Our software solutions pair with Hexagon instruments and cloud services to ensure you make the most of your data.

Optimal workflow solutions
  • Prepare
  • Position
  • Process
  • Create
  • Collaborate

Before layout, stakeout or breaking ground on a site, preparing a digital foundation from design data, cadastral surveys, utility maps and more is crucial for smart workflows. Hexagon’s office and field software solutions help you prepare CAD, BIM and GIS for use in the field, a vital step in a successful project.

Prepare designs created in the office for the field with survey software, and save time by sending them directly to the field with our cloud services. Optimise Hexagon's survey and construction software by preparing everything needed for the field. Know exactly where above and underground assets like utility lines are to prevent dangerous and costly mistakes, making time in the field more profitable, efficient and safe.

Hexagon’s field and office software enables easy verification of field work with seamless workflows from field to office, ensuring the design matches the as-built reality.  

digital 3D model of a building open in CAD office software

Hexagon’s field software solutions empower positioning for surveying and construction. Intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces are integral to Hexagon’s field software, enhancing accessibility for a wide range of users, improving productivity and minimising training times.

Our field survey software is customisable and works with a variety of Hexagon’s measurement instruments, including MultiStations, Total Stations and GNSS smart antennas and UAVs. Transform on-site experiences and efficiency with 3D renderings, touch technology and targeted apps.

Hexagon’s construction software is tailored to building construction and infrastructure projects, and enables users to lay out points, verify as-built data against design models and guide and automate all heavy construction machines. Connecting to cloud services, Hexagon’s field software simplifies the move to digital.   

measurement data collected by a Total Station is displayed in 3D using onboard software

Powerful processing capabilities are integral to quality control and to prepare field data for deliverable creation. Hexagon has developed a range of software solutions for data processing, including reality capture registration, measuring points from images in the field, survey quality control and verification and visualisation of construction phases.

Hexagon’s software offers powerful processing in the field and the office. Compile, compare and analyse data and create deliverables directly in the field. Gain the benefits of post-processing tools in the office to measure more points, input additional data, convert into a range of file formats or process, model and manage 3D point clouds. 

aerial view of stockpiles of rock measured in Leica Infinity software

Professionals across industries use measurement data to accomplish an array of goals and tasks. That's why Hexagon develops software solutions enabling a wide range of rich, high-value deliverables for customers. 

Deliverables generated with Hexagon software have been used to design and construct sustainable buildings and infrastructure, advance historic preservation efforts, make railways safer, convict criminals and much more – all by using the digital world to better understand, develop and protect our planet.

Hexagon’s field and office software makes creation easier with intuitive and integrated workflows and impressive visualisation tools. Dedicated to democratising technology, Hexagon has made it possible for users from all expertise levels to create professional deliverables with workflow options from simple to advanced.  

3D model of pipes inside a large plant displayed online using reality capture browser software

The seamless sharing of data and information is essential to enable collaboration within digital workflows. Designed with easy-to-use interfaces and project access options, Hexagon’s software solutions empower real-time collaboration and help drive sustainability through effective remote partnerships.

Featuring rich visuals and intuitive navigation, Hexagon software is accessible and allows teams to collaborate without extensive software training. Whether users need to access or share point cloud data in the office or field, our cloud-enabled platforms make it possible to see and work with up-to-date project data from anywhere. 

Digital collaboration requires strong security, and our software solutions provide flexible options for secure storage, project access rights and administrative controls.

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