Jobsite Materials Requisition

Manage timely allocation of materials by connecting the worksite and office.

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Nexus Connected Worker modernises data collection from the field by digitalising paper-based processes. Our apps help manage the timely allocation of materials to the field, allowing teams to schedule work with confidence while improving the efficiency of the purchasing department by lowering cost.


Jobsite materials requisition

A well-run jobsite requires precise, real-time visibility into materials inventory and usage. Nexus Connected Worker materials requisition software manages the entire process of requesting, purchasing and allocating materials from any browser-enabled or mobile device. 

Our material requisition solution integrates easily with your other systems and is tailored for your needs, bringing you benefits like these:

  • Provides a single point for material sourcing, cost control and logistics 
  • Transforms error-prone paper processes into precise digital workflows
  • Ensures consistency and timeliness of material delivery 
  • Reduces time spent on administrative work and redundant tasks
  • Provides accurate data for measuring performance
  • Empowers you with a scalable solution that grows with your organisation

By automating workflows, reducing errors and eliminating waste, Nexus Connected Worker materials requisition software improves project performance while protecting the environment.

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