Hexagon’s unique and comprehensive portfolio of sensors, software, and autonomous solutions are deployed globally in both urban and production ecosystems.

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Our smart solutions portfolio drives sustainable value creation by putting data to work, empowering increasingly autonomous, connected ecosystems where:

  • Smart Factories learn and adapt quickly to changing conditions in real time, pursuing perfect quality with optimised design, requiring fewer inputs and producing zero waste.
  • Smart Industrial Facilities ramp up quickly while operating safely and reliably throughout a more sustainable, longer-term lifespan.
  • Smart Mines are efficient to operate, while maximising safety and minimally impacting the environment throughout the life of a mine.
  • Smart Farms cultivate data in ways that will optimise inputs and drive higher yields while lowering costs.
  • Smart Autonomous Mobility is reimagining autonomous transportation with sustainability in mind — ensured safety, clean and more efficient.
  • Smart Buildings & Infrastructure projects are optimised to reduce rework and build to plan — on time and on budget — while protecting human and material resources throughout the life of the asset.
  • Smart Cities & Nations ensure governments, industry, and citizens work together to build safe and vibrant communities that promise the highest quality of life and sustainable economic vitality.

Core capabilities experts

Leaders in reality capture, positioning, design and simulation, location intelligence mapping, and autonomous technologies.

Disruptive Tech Launches

Hexagon transforms vital ecosystems with innovative solutions that empower digitalization, connectivity and autonomy.

Smart solution experts

Hexagon’s deep domain expertise in key industries accelerates customer-specific solutions across our smart solutions portfolio.