Reality Capture

Capture accurate and detailed 3D digital realities of the physical world with multiple technologies.

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Hexagon provides end-to-end reality capture solutions that are critical to fusing the physical and digital worlds and fully connecting and leveraging our customers’ data. As an innovation leader, we tailor the latest technologies to a variety of industries, delivering accurate results.

Your field-to-finish workflow

  • Capture
  • Prepare
  • Manage
  • Deliver

Hexagon has invested in reality capture solutions to support decision-making at the right time and the right place. We pioneer technologies that enable our customers to autonomously capture and complete their deliverables directly in the field, eliminating the need for a trip back to the office. Activities can be executed where and when they matter.

Leveraging technologies such as edge computing enables you to immediately check the completeness and accuracy of captured data before leaving a plant facility, building construction site or crime or crash scene, so no critical evidence is missed. You can add information and link the physical world with information systems such as facilities or asset management platforms.

To empower collaboration, our solutions let you share information straight from the field via the cloud, connecting multiple sites and teams that may be geographically separate, but are working with the same source at the same time.

While Hexagon's reality capture solutions have made it possible to capture data and process it in the field, for many projects the final office preparation to deliver the perfect digital twin is fundamental to deliverable completion.

In large building construction sites, manufacturing or industrial facilities and civil infrastructure, captured data often must be processed and combined as it arrives from multiple teams over multiple days. Data may also need to be combined from different sensors, validated and then processed for a final completion check. In such cases, our customers turn to Hexagon’s market-leading registration software and office solutions. Together they easily fuse data from multiple hardware devices such as high-accuracy terrestrial laser scanners, high-productivity mobile mapping systems and versatile and reliable GNSS smart antennas.

Data preparation and centralisation make up an important phase of the reality capture workflow. If you are working on a large project with multiple users—experts, suppliers and sub-contractors needing access to your captured data—you will need a centralised, secure and reliable solution.

In situations where different disciplines work together on a project, coordination and version control are essential, and information must be up to date at all times. Keeping track of changes is important, especially if you are sending out files that require automatic synchronisation.

For these scenarios, Hexagon has developed a solution that manages and centralises data. It removes the need to send physical files and enables users to connect to a central reality capture data store via a simple username and password. Admins can assign password-protected projects to individuals, and the entire team works based on the central source of truth, which is always current.

In the final phase of the reality capture workflow, users leverage domain-specific software solutions to produce final deliverables for the project. It is these deliverables that serve the ultimate business need.

With a digital reality viewer, photo-realistic data can be viewed directly from the field. You can take measurements, collaborate or add annotations to the data and then add this intelligence in the field or back in the office. With a 3D model of a factory, you can connect asset maintenance information to assets in the real world.

Service providers can use CAD and automated workflows to efficiently create 2D or 3D deliverables, such as floor plans. You can also explore specific applications dedicated to reality capture workflows such as Leica Map360 for scene diagramming and accident reconstruction or Leica Cyclone 3DR, turning rich data into rapid deliverables for tank inspection reports, stockpile reconciliation surveys, monitoring studies and more.


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