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Document and visualise data to perform analysis

Construction worker using Hexagon’s Leica Pegasus Backpack

Leading as-built construction documentation services

We combine cutting-edge technology with a client-first philosophy to provide customized as-built documentation solutions.

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Hexagon’s sensor, software and services solutions with integrated workflows are intuitive to use and ensure accurate as-built construction documentation, capture and visualise forensic scenes or document and detect changes over time earlier to reduce unexpected downtime and minimise maintenance costs.

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As-built documentation and verification processes are crucial for monitoring and verifying construction progress, ongoing maintenance for large infrastructures and buildings or forensic mapping. Effective as-built documentation and verification enable different stakeholders to capture, preserve and analyse as-is or as-built situations and gain insights to make smart decisions, save time and reduce costs.

Photo of busy industrial construction site

As-built verification

Time pressure, constant revisions and frequently changing conditions are challenges that can make it hard to validate whether construction is progressing according to the latest design. Deviations between design and as-built are often identified too late, leading to rework, waste and delays. Accurate as-built documentation enables faster and more informed decision-making, better collaboration, quality assurance and control. 

We help with as-built verification through a mix of reality capture sensors and construction documentation software, enabling fast and accurate as-built verification for flatness analysis and other building element comparisons from the BIM directly in the field. Our reality capture capabilities lower the risk of delays and reduce possible downstream issues by creating a constant feedback loop between the as-built and design. Our sensor and construction progress software solutions are integrated into all CAD and BIM software platforms to make application and usage easy.

Leica iCON build iCR70 showcasing as-built documentation and verification capability

Construction progress

Using the right documentation solutions during construction provides architects, engineers, constructors and owners with accurate as-built documentation for verification and saves time and money.

Hexagon creates a digital thread of the construction as-built progress using innovative technologies like webcam technology, drones, measurable 3D images, 360 photos and 3D laser scanning. Without these, locating critical building objects once covered with concrete, hidden behind walls, or underground is challenging and can become time-consuming and costly. 

Hexagon’s cloud- and AI-based visual construction documentation solution gives teams instant access to a complete as-built record with location and timestamp, and offers a complete inspection-grade photographic record of construction projects for better collaboration and cost savings during and after construction.

Site progress OxBlue

Support maintenance

The proper maintenance and asset management of large infrastructures and buildings can be challenging. Using the right technology to document and detect changes over time earlier in the process reduces unexpected downtime and minimises cost. Hexagon’s sensors, software and services support ongoing maintenance by capturing, visualising and analysing geospatial data.

Portrait of industrial worker standing with tablet holding in her hand, conducting building asset maintenance

Forensic mapping

Insurance claims, accident litigation and crime recreation need detailed evidence that something happened, harm occurred and someone or something is responsible. Having access to comprehensive information intelligence, complete visibility of evidence at a scene, possible threat points and environmental hazards is essential to ensuring justice for victims and keeping the public safe.

A core part of the investigation is scene documentation – the written and visual record of the scene, the conditions and the evidence within it. Hexagon’s innovation-driven technology solutions allow public safety, security and forensics professionals worldwide to capture and visualise environments and information as a virtual copy of the real world – the forensic digital twin.

Forensic investigation and mapping with Leica Captivate key visual software


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