Utility Detection: Underground and Unseen Structures

Uncover underground data and digitise the underground reality with multiple technologies.

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Hexagon is committed to providing you with detection solutions to uncover utility data, digitally capture the subsurface and immediately convert it into actionable information tailored to your needsboth in the field and the office.

Utility detection workflow

  • Avoid
  • Locate
  • Map
  • Positioning

Hexagon’s priority is to bring automation and simplicity to detection workflows, enabling users to locate underground utilities easily, quickly and reliably. We pioneered the democratisation of detection technologies and digitalisation of utility avoidance and mapping workflows.

Our solutions increase reliability and productivity. By adding positioning reference to the subsurface information, construction professionals can prevent locating challenges in the future.

Using an underground utility detection solution that combines electromagnetic locator (EML) and GPS technology helps excavating and dirt-moving contractors not only avoid utility strikes, but also keep records of detection jobs and comply with local health and safety regulations.

construction professional locating utilities on-site with the Leica DD Smart Cable Locator.

Using the latest Hexagon detection technologies such as electromagnetic locators (EML) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR), localising underground assets becomes a simple and efficient task. Our underground mapping solutions increase the safety of crews on-site and assure protection of buried utilities, ultimately minimising health and safety risks, unplanned costs and downtime.

Hexagon underground detection solutions allow you to combine underground information with topographical surveys to create a comprehensive, detailed utility map.

utility surveyor on a construction site capturing underground information with the Leica DSX

Urbanisation is driving the need for smart cities where utilities workers and construction professionals work smarter with digital detection data. The installation of new utility infrastructure assets to meet growing demand leads utility providers to select digitalised tools and technologies that help improve business efficiencies and ensure the reality matches the design.

That’s why at Hexagon we create detection solutions that enable 3D visualisations of the reality above and below – because what's happening underground affects what's happening above ground. By combining different technologies, we create a 3D impression of our cities, including buried infrastructure assets.

With ground-penetrating radar technology (GPR) for buried assets and laser scanning for above-ground features, you can extensively capture any environment to make the best-informed decisions.

van pulling a utility detection and mapping instrument along a road with graphics of the underground utilities added

For positioning and measurement activities, a fit-for-purpose solution is required. Hexagon provides several technologies that can improve productivity by adopting a “digital first” approach.

Hexagon offers a complete portfolio of solutions ranging from total stations, GPS/GNSS equipment to laser scanning, mobile mapping and utility mapping and detection solutions and associated software. Our unrivalled product portfolio guarantees that a solution is available to embrace digitalisation.

Hexagons’ end-to-end workflow solutions help users process, report and share information more efficiently and accurately. Our positioning, measurement and reality capture technology can dramatically improve the way data is collected, managed, visualised and shared.

Leica GS18 I GNSS RTK rover measuring road safely with visual positioning


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