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Research and development has always been a crucial part of Hexagon's commitment to innovation. That was never more apparent than at HxGN LIVE Global 2023, where Hexagon's CTO Burkhard Boeckem gave a walkthrough tour of The Zone, showcasing the latest breakthroughs in digital reality technology.

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The promise of innovation

Innovation is the driving force that is making our vision of a sustainable future a reality. We reinvest 10 to 12% of revenues each year in research and development, and deploy a team over 5,000 strong that is entirely focused on bringing new ideas to market.

Our R&D team is behind Hexagon’s promise of putting data to work to empower an autonomous future. Our innovation strategy is led by our Chief Technology Officer and brought to life by our worldwide team of engineers, researchers and product specialists. The Hexagon's Capability Center India (HCCI) is our single largest R&D hub with a workforce of nearly 2,000 people and growing.

Beyond the IoT curve

Digital technologies have disrupted industry landscapes and business models, yet emerging technologies will continue to have a massive impact on businesses and organisations. Billions of connected devices are not enough to meet the world’s big challenges. We need to deliver intelligent sensors and devices, integrated software and advanced automation to leverage the vast amounts of data being created every day. Hexagon is fast-tracking the following three critical domains:

Intelligent sensors and devices

As the world leader in reality capture technologies, Hexagon is at the forefront of intelligent sensor and device innovation. Our reality capture technologies leverage data fusion, workflow-specific algorithms and artificial intelligence to capture and leverage details about the physical world for limitless use cases. Our BLKARC and BLK2FLY are great examples of intelligent reality capture devices that are becoming increasingly autonomous.

Hexagon is also leading the way in visual computing innovation. Our cloud platform for visualising captured data, HxDR, enables quick understanding and improved decision-making. Customers can not only visualise real-world 3D meshes created from multiple diverse sensor inputs, but also can store all information for sharing and collaboration. 3D models can even be viewed within the context of the photorealistic digital reality.

Integrated software

Hexagon is able to speed innovation across hundreds of solutions through a shared proprietary platform called Xalt. Xalt underpins our solutions to fast-track the ability to harness data and extract its full value. By making it possible to embed any enabling technology into every customer solution, Xalt scales and accelerates innovation through applied AI, enterprise-ready web applications, mobile apps and data integrations across legacy systems, networks and physical boundaries.

Advanced automation

Hexagon’s innovation unleashes the full potential of data through advanced automation that leads to fully autonomous workflows. By enabling real-time data collection and leveraging technologies like machine learning and AI, we are creating systems that reduce, or even eliminate, human intervention. This is when data does its greatest good, working in ways that go far beyond what was ever thought possible.