Research & development


Innovation fuels a sustainable future

Hexagon's R&D is key to our pledge of advancing sustainability through technology.

The Innovation Hub – where ideas turn into solutions

Hexagon’s research and development program is behind our promise of putting data to work to empower an autonomous, sustainable future. Our innovation strategy is led by our Chief Technology Officer Burkhard Boeckem and brought to life by our worldwide team of engineers, researchers and product specialists.

Hexagon’s Innovation Hub is where our cutting-edge solutions come to life. Supporting R&D and innovation in hardware and software technologies, as well as interoperability, applications and systems engineering platforms, the team at the Innovation Hub incubates and develops technologies that will digitally transform businesses and industries.

A global network of innovators

The Innovation Hub is leading Hexagon's charge to accelerate our customers' journeys to digital transformation and position them for the future. Hexagon's Innovation Hub unites a team of technologists and visionaries across the world and embodies the very essence of collaboration. A mosaic of diverse backgrounds, experiences and expertise converge here to spur groundbreaking solutions to pressing business challenges.

The Innovation Hub transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, fostering an environment where ideas are not constrained by regional limitations. By integrating varied perspectives, the hub accelerates both ideation and execution process development, ensuring that Hexagon’s platforms, products and solutions are universally viable.

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