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Measure, predict and improve project performance all from a single, integrated data environment.

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Good project management and project controls help you deliver projects on schedule and within budget. However, disconnected manual processes, siloed data, inconsistency and lack of transparency are often major barriers to success.

EcoSys helps you overcome these barriers with a single software solution for project management and project controls. Make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. Automate and standardise work processes to deliver projects consistently. Spend less time on compiling data and more time on forecasting and analysis. Control and manage projects more effectively to lower risk and optimise cost and schedule.

EcoSys emphasises real-time data access for cost control, facilitates performance benchmark analysis, and provides a leading cost management software solution for enterprise standardisation. EcoSys also integrates risk, issue, and change management, aiding in proactive project performance management and ensuring successful project delivery.


Key benefits

Confidently measure, predict and improve project performance. Industry leaders trust EcoSys to deliver project success with:

Measure. Predict. Improve.

EcoSys manages all project data in one integrated platform. It becomes your central hub for cost, schedule, change, risk, productivity and performance information. Quickly and accurately measure project progress. Produce accurate and reliable forecasts. Take corrective action to better manage cost, schedule, and quality. Deliver consistent and repeatable results by applying industry standards and best practices to all projects.

Ensure project delivery is aligned with portfolio strategy. Feed real-time project data back into project portfolio management for better, more informed strategic decisions.

  • Standardise success-driving best practices across all projects.
  • Remove silos of data and other barriers that typically prevent organisations from confidently planning and executing projects.
  • Add flexibility to handle any project size or type in a single solution.
  • Tailor the system to fit your projects without programming, allowing you to measure, forecast and control projects in a way that makes sense for your organisation.

Better cost management

EcoSys combines industry best practices and company-specific processes into a single platform that is perfect for cost management. Create estimates, calculate forecasts and develop project control plans easily through automated interfaces with financial, scheduling and other project management systems.

Manage costs of all types over an annual or multi-year basis: revenues, expenditures, resources, effort, quantities and more. Time-phase using any method or data source to create accurate cash flow profiles and performance baselines.

Oversee capital budgets and plans annually or over years, ensuring effective project selection, fund allocation, tracking, benchmarking, and quick reporting.

  • Manage costs, quantities and hours for any number of budget types and revisions.
  • Maintain cash flow forecasts.
  • Report in any currency, in addition to native, project and enterprise currencies.
  • Link commitments to changes, and time-phase future commitments.
  • Automate integration of actuals from GL, ERP or timesheet systems.
  • Leverage unlimited “What-If” scenario analysis.

Plan for the unexpected

Projects are not executed in a vacuum. Risk, issues and changes are inevitable. It is how you mitigate, respond and manage them that is critical to project performance. EcoSys provides an integrated approach to project portfolio management, project controls and project management that makes managing risks more effective, resolving issues more efficient and implementing changes smoother.

  • Define, manage and mitigate risks with portfolio and project risk registers.
  • Integrate portfolio and project risk and change management processes across your enterprise.
  • Save time and money with effective communication and decision making based on connected data and integrated processes.
  • Define workflow-driven change management processes for portfolios, projects and contracts.


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