Surveying industry

Gearing stakeholders with the right equipment, software and services, surveyors collect, visualise and manage geospatial data to deliver construction and civil engineering projects.

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From towering buildings to the ocean floor, surveying above and below the surface is a vital need in today’s modernised and globalised world. Hexagon has continuously innovated surveying solutions to increase productivity, improve workflows and provide richer, more valuable 2D and 3D deliverables for our customers.

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  • Autonomous mobility
  • Buildings
  • Cities and nations
  • Infrastructure
  • Mines
Autonomous mobility
Hexagon’s solutions accelerate the research, development and deployment of autonomous mobility, with offerings that reframe autonomy with sustainability in mind. Explore how these technologies can benefit the surveying industry.

Deployment solutions

Deploying autonomous solutions that enable customers to quickly scale from prototype R&D and testing phases to full production in a variety of emerging and fast-paced market segments.

Surveying solutions play a crucial role in the successful completion of construction projects and maintaining building safety. By accurately mapping the land, locating underground utilities, performing layout and as-built verification, and monitoring movement on and around the site, they help avoid delays and ensure construction safety.

Design phase

Capture an accurate digital reality of a building site’s existing conditions, features and positioning to help digitally design initial concepts that minimise inputs and reduce waste during the project.

Build phase

Orchestrate the construction process more simply, creating a model of productivity and efficiency with higher quality, fewer reworks and less waste while ensuring worksite safety.

Operate and maintain phase

Leverage data from design, plan and build phases to optimize operations, maintenance, safety, and resilience.

Cities and nations
To ensure sustainable growth and stay smart, nations need to embrace digitalisation. With Hexagon’s surveying solutions, digital twins of cities, ports and coastlines are easily created and shared to manage growth, monitor changes and ensure the well-being of citizens and the environment.

Industrial and commercial resiliency

Forge safer industrial and commercial facilities with scalable surveillance, security and incident management capabilities.

Mapping solutions

Leverage location intelligence with solutions that capture, visualise, analyse and derive insights from location data to address a variety of urban and national challenges.

Public administration solutions

Easily share data for census, cadastral management, public works and interagency situational awareness with cloud-based applications and collaborative solutions.

To stay safe and connected, highways, railways, bridges, airports, ports and tunnels must be built, managed and renovated to the highest standards. Hexagon’s 3D survey solutions add significant value to the lifecycle of civil infrastructure, keeping our daily lives and economies on the move.

Plan phase

Visualise the site above and below ground, digitally mapping out every detail for the construction phase, including time, materials, estimating, scheduling and cost.

Construct phase

Maintain a data-driven approach to orchestrate the entire construction phase, creating a 3D model of productivity and efficiency — with higher quality, fewer reworks and less waste — while layering 4D cost and 5D BIM scheduling data throughout the project.

Operate and maintain phase

Empower asset owners and operators with solutions that go beyond smart infrastructure and provide 24/7 visibility into the operational twin to optimise safety and efficiency throughout all operations and maintenance while extending the life of the infrastructure asset.

Mines are under pressure to cut costs and improve safety. Learn how Hexagon’s surveying solutions enhance productivity during the entire mining lifecycle through real-time monitoring of slope stability, vehicle tracking and collision prevention and the management, analysis and modelling of survey data.

Material movement solutions

Execute successful material movement through planning, fleet management, safety and slope monitoring powered by integrated mining technology.

Planning solutions

Access powerful 3D modelling and simulation, data visualisation and planning software for geologists and engineers that supports seamless workflows from exploration to production.