Shaping our world responsibly

Hexagon is shaping sustainability and equity through our technology and business practices.


The change we empower

Our customers in manufacturing, construction, government, transportation and utilities are applying new technology to old problems, improving outcomes and reducing their effect on our planet.

See our customer stories to learn about the inspiring ways industries are using technology to make an impact.

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Hexagon’s R-evolution is making an impact across land and sea by investing in green-tech projects, providing cutting-edge technology to initiatives that preserve biodiversity, accelerate renewables and protect natural ecosystems, and creating blueprints to help others put sustainability into action.

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The change we create

Sustainability within Hexagon is a long-term commitment. To move closer to our goals in achieving sustainability and equity, Hexagon has made commitments in five areas:

To learn about our sustainability plans and progress, view our 2023 Sustainability Report and other ESG resources.

Customer sustainability stories

We empower our customers' sustainability initiatives through the innovative use of technology.


About R-evolution, Hexagon's green-tech subsidiary

R-evolution invests in new opportunities that drive responsible change using technology to solve environmental challenges in innovative ways.

  • Preserving biodiversity
  • Managing sea grass meadows
  • Accelerating renewables

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