How Hexagon creates value for the utilities and communications industry

Electrical engineer wearing a helmet and safety vest working with tablet near high-voltage electrical lines power station during sunset

Enhance the planning, design and management of networks

Utilities and communications services depend on network capacity and reliability. Hexagon provides companies with the data and capabilities necessary to plan, design and secure their networks, avoid outages, manage field teams and keep customers informed and satisfied.

As populations grow, so do the expectations for utilities and communications services, from reliable power to sanitary water to high-speed internet. Building out and managing transmission and delivery networks for these services is a complex task. In the office and the field, utilities and communications companies need accurate and timely information about assets and locations.

Our technologies innovate data collection, analysis, management and delivery, providing the information and insights needed to ensure network capacity and reliability. We help companies map assets and locations, plan and design expansions, monitor and maintain networks, secure assets and support their customers.


UK standard overhead power line transmission tower

Digital networks

Empowering network operators and service providers with enhanced abilities to understand and act on data is Hexagon’s objective for the utilities and communications industry. We provide an advanced digital twin for electricity, heating, gas, telecommunications and water network planning and operations, ensuring accurate, current information and capabilities when and where they are needed most, including:

  • Airborne and mobile mapping of corridors, networks and assets
  • Geospatial content, imagery analysis and data management
  • Network planning and design
  • Maintaining a definitive network model
  • Field workforce management
  • Outage detection and restoration
  • Customer communications
  • 3D security and surveillance of facilities and infrastructure
  • Emergency response at facilities and along networks

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