Project Construction Management and Visualisation

Leverage industrial plant design and construction management.

A series of industry photos showing how industrial plant design plays a part in the smallest and largest facets of operation.

Solutions for the design phase

Capture a digital twin of your site’s conditions to collaborate and streamline CAD designs while minimising inputs and waste.

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Hexagon unleashes the most dynamic and powerful use of data available with a unique mix of sensor hardware and solution-specific intelligent software. This informed, intentional design is where your Smart Digital Reality begins.

Data for informed design
  • Overview
  • Capture existing conditions
  • Conceptual and pre-design
  • Validation and collaboration
  • Project performance monitoring

Capital project planning

Ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and can produce intended business value through our project controls solution. 

Man and woman's hands holding up a tablet with project management software graphic overlaid

Sensors create a digital view of site conditions above and below ground to help architects create a more accurate model.

An excavator onsite digging into a mound of dirt. The image is overlayed with digital elements that represent analytics.

Intelligent software for high-level, building-related and industrial plant design creates a precise digital model for more precise 3D BIM.

A line drawing of an industrial facility.

Coordinate models, collaborate in real time and enable clash detection to improve industrial plant design accuracy before building even begins. 

A man and woman in an office looking at a computer screen. The screen shows a software image of the interior of a facility and analytics.

Monitor and measure progress across the enterprise using integrated cost, scheduling, quality assurance and analytics tools. 

An image of three construction workers looking at a laptop superimposed over an image of a city landscape.


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