Jobsite Portable Equipment Tracking

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Nexus Connected Worker modernises data collection from the field by digitalising paper-based processes using the latest equipment tracking technology. Our apps improve daily activities to increase the speed and accuracy of construction, allowing fast access to key information and standardising workflows.


Jobsite portable equipment tracking

Digital tools that manage portable equipment tracking make it possible to plan the most efficient deployments and determine where and when additional equipment equipment must be purchased or rented. This capability is essential when multiple workers have access to the same equipment pool.

Digital portable equipment tracking improves asset management in important ways, such as:

  • Provides real-time asset location and when it was checked out
  • Includes complete history of equipment usage and repairs
  • Provides current calibration data to verify equipment readiness
  • Enables scheduling of preventative and remedial maintenance

The best equipment tracking solutions allow field managers to prevent the waste of time, labour and money that results when essential equipment is either not available or not in working order.

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