SDKs (visualisation and analysis)

Build high-performance maps and applications for 2D and 3D data visualisation and analysis.

A heat and power plant with smoke emitting from its pipes

Visualising the impact of pollution on public health

Discover how Integrytis uses Hexagon’s SDKs for visualising and analysing pollution in real time. 

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Hexagon gives organisations and developers powerful SDKs for building high-performance geospatial applications that deliver 2D and 3D situational awareness and real-time location intelligence. 


Governments and businesses, including systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers, need to develop and deploy geospatial applications that empower their systems and end users with better situational awareness for planning and operations.

Hexagon provides organisations and developers with a powerful set of SDKs for building high-performance desktop, on-board, browser and mobile applications that harness the power of the GPU. Featuring  connections to any database and more than 200 data formats and highly accurate 2D and 3D visualisation and analysis capabilities, including of large amounts of moving data, our SDKs help organisations create domain-specific applications for:

  • Defence and intelligence
  • Aviation and maritime 
  • Railways and roadways
  • Government mapping and planning
  • Utilities and communications
  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Industrial and commercial facilities
  • Public safety and security
  • Mining and natural resources
  • And more 

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