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Understanding your project's current status and the optimal next steps is crucial for successful delivery, though siloed data can be a barrier. EcoSys provides enterprise-wide insights for quick trend identification and project performance improvement. The platform drives accuracy in progress measurement and simplifies Earned Value Management (EVM), providing real-time visibility, utilising critical metrics, adhering to standards like EIA-748 when needed, and accurately predicting project outcomes.


Better measurement = better performance

EcoSys adds credibility to progress measurement by reducing subjectivity, providing discrete and granular measurement and establishing standards for tracking completion within projects and across portfolios.

Leverage industry-leading integrations to achieve “digital progress measurement,” connecting data from scheduling, accounting/ERP, timesheet, design, construction management, materials management and document management systems. Automate reporting and percent complete calculations. Facilitate consolidation of information and roll-ups of project status.

Right-sized EVM

Earned Value Management does not need to be a difficult process. If EVM is easy, you are more likely to use it on every project. We often advocate for using an EVM approach that works best for you, or “Right-Sized EVM.” These are a set of core processes, inputs and outputs that are practical to maintain. The result is a widely applicable version of EVM that provides better insight into the performance of any project and drives informed business decisions.

To achieve an optimised but easy EVM process for your organisation, you must first build a solid platform for budgeting, forecasting and change management. Then, templatise and standardise progress measurement, reporting, EV terminology and metrics. The right software can help you create a centralised hub for EVM that gives you a full picture of project performance. Read to adopt the Right-Sized EVM approach?

EcoSys for EIA-748

EcoSys provides extensive support for the 32 guidelines of EIA-748 including: Control Account definition, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and Organisational Breakdown Structures (OBS).

Integrate with ERPs, scheduling, timesheet and other enterprise systems to quickly and accurately capture planned and actual project data. Automate the generation of the standard Integrated Program Management Data and Analysis Reports (IPMDAR), C/SSR and CFSR reports.

Track risks, issues, changes and lessons learned to maintain a fully auditable historical record.

Other highlights

  • Accurate Value Production: Use flexible progress methods to produce accurate values and tailor EVM to align with your processes, capability and maturity.

  • Progress Tracking and Visualisation: Track progress (e.g., CPI, SPI, & TCPI) based on a variety of methods, calculate earned schedule to analyze delays, and quickly capture progress with EcoSys Mobile.

  • Integration and Automation: Bring together progress information from various sources and automate integration with financial/ERP systems and timesheet systems. Also, integrate resource, schedule, and change management.

  • Analysis and Standardisation: Perform productivity, earned value, and independent estimate at completion (IEAC) analysis. Standardise milestones, rules of credit, and measure performance using portfolio and project level KPIs.

  • Improved Communication and Reporting: Drill down to understand root causes, take corrective action, generate automatic reports and dashboards to improve communication among stakeholders.

  • Business Process Improvement: Improve business processes by analyzing project delays and assessing performance across the enterprise to identify trends and issues.


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