Key stakeholders of the utilities and communications industry

Distribution electric substation with power lines and transformers at sunset

Hexagon enhances utilities and communications network operations

Utilities and communications network planners and engineers design complex networks for expanding, maintaining and securing power, telecommunications, water and other services. Increasingly, these stakeholders rely on a wide range of data sources.

Leveraging accurate network models, Hexagon provides efficient solutions for collecting and integrating data as well as planning and designing multi-utility and communications networks.

Utilities and communications operations and service centres are responsible for overseeing the daily operations and maintenance of networks. To identify problems and prioritise, assign and execute field tasks, they rely heavily on real-time information and efficient tools for making informed decisions.

Hexagon offers a suite of coordinated solutions that improve situational awareness about the state of the network and ensure service reliability, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by rapidly connecting staff to relevant and reliable data and the necessary tools for resolving problems.

Utilities and communications field and service technicians are responsible for coordinating projects, performing preventive maintenance, diagnosing equipment and system malfunctions and troubleshooting. Often out in the field, these professionals need access to the right data and mobile solutions.

Hexagon offers field mobility solutions that provide essential tools for engineering, operations, inspection and maintenance functions — connecting crews with accurate and reliable information for boosting productivity and safety. Our solutions help field and service technicians access, update and maintain accurate and reliable data about network assets, work orders and more.

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