A team of colleagues stands on a staircase and converses

Meet our people

Learn how Hexagon team members are enhancing their careers, driving real change in technology and expanding their knowledge.

Driving autonomy and collaborative culture

“Coming to work should be exciting and fun because we are doing exciting things.” - Jessica Fielding

Making a difference in the modern world

“It’s very motivating to work with people who are so passionate about what they do.” - Haike Finch-Schattka

Expanding diversity and inclusion

“Even as we continue to welcome new associates every day, our culture remains truly people-focused." - Terra Argraves

Recognising success and learning from failures

“I get to learn every day by testing new things in an environment where people are encouraged to express their viewpoints and ideas.” - Marie-Caroline Rondeau

Challenging the status quo

“We have an open-mindedness and professional way of working together, achieving joint objectives.” - Johannes Maunz

Working on behalf of the customer

“It’s my responsibility to use Hexagon’s products to solve customer pain points.” - Hunghuo Su

Navigating industry changes

“The opportunity to learn is endless for everybody willing to learn, making Hexagon a great company for career navigation and growth.” - Paul Verlaine Gakne

Leading with passion

“At Hexagon, every day presents an opportunity to learn — the challenges are never the same.” - Qasim Kalla