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We deliver high-value research and engineering to customers, globally.

Accelerating the future

Hexagon R&D India is the single largest R&D center for Hexagon globally. We drive high-value engineering across Hexagon's five divisions: Asset Lifecycle Intelligence, Autonomous Solutions, Geosystems, Manufacturing Intelligence and Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial.

Our team of over 2,100 talented engineers leverages a unique combination of sensors, software, and autonomous technologies to create real-world solutions. Our impact spans various sectors, from large-scale construction and mining to intricate manufacturing, space exploration, public safety, and defence. We don't just improve efficiency – we contribute to the strength, safety, and sustainability of cities and nations.

We are continually creating new ways to help our team members excel and advance while creating new learning opportunities to enrich their experience.

Focused learning

Our learning framework leverages the expertise of learning and development professionals and divisional business representatives to create a diverse range of online and classroom experiences that focus on unique skills, abilities and ambitions.

Our extensive macro- and micro-learning suite includes mentorship programs, classroom, virtual training, Udemy access, in-house leadership excellence programs (LEP), first-time manager (FTM) programs and executive coaching for high-potential leaders.

Continued education

We believe that learning is an ongoing process. Our higher-education and certification policy supports our professionals’ aspirations with tuition assistance and partial fee reimbursement.


We understand that our team members can lead fulfilling lives when they are mentally and physically well, and we focus every day to ensure that everyone is empowered to thrive.


Apart from regular health camps, we offer best-in-class medical benefits and insurance coverage to all our professionals.

Physical well-being

Our state-of-the-art gym keeps our people healthy, and the indoor sports and leisure gaming facilities are where a lot of unwinding and bonding happens. We also enable easy management of all-around wellbeing with assistance apps. Whether it is weight and diet management or building healthy habits, we're in it together.

Onsite cafeteria and Sodexo tie-up

Our tie-up with Sodexo takes care of the cost of nutritious food at the workplace. The vending machines in the breakout rooms are always stocked with refreshments.

Mental well-being

Our 24/7 employee assistance programme (EAP) includes practical resources and counseling sessions to combat burnout and stress.

Leave policy

Our maternity, paternity and adoption leave policies ensure that lifetime milestones, such as starting a family, are celebrated, not compromised. We enable all the necessary support required for new parents.


We continually aim to support a better work-life balance. Our flexible work hours and work-from-home options aim to accommodate work and other personal responsibilities effortlessly.

On-site nursery

We understand the needs of working parents and offer quality childcare while you are at work. Our on-site daycare maintains high standards of hygiene and uses utmost care for the children's developmental needs.

Other benefits

Our other comprehensive array of benefits and perks include gratuity provision after one year of service, salary advance availability, cab facility, employee asset purchase program, corporate discounts, etc.

We believe in cultivating a culture that is as robust as our purpose of creating an environment that nurtures our best selves.

Diversity and acceptance

We believe that diverse individuals comprising various backgrounds, experiences, genders and perspectives create a ripe ground for innovation and business success. With the spirit of celebrating differences, our diversity and acceptance policies aim to create an environment centered around respect, acceptance and recognition of all individuals' values.


Interclub, our internal club, is for and by our people. It aims to create enriching opportunities for well-rounded personal growth. The club keeps everyone engaged throughout the year with celebrations, sports tournaments (internal and external) and employee-engagement events.


Being one of the first MNCs in Hyderabad, Hexagon R&D India has consistently aimed to add value to society through corporate social action. Together with our partners, we focus on sustainable growth and support local communities with initiatives focused on education, environmental protection, women's empowerment and children.


Our people-driven employee social responsibility (ESR) team thrives on finding impactful ways to give back to society and create value and purpose that matters most to them apart from work. The team drives impact through robust programs that help societal change. It has supported various critical causes such as the transformation of schools for underprivileged students, aid to old-age homes and help during natural calamities.

Hear from a few of our employees about what it's like to work for Hexagon R&D India.

Arun Akella
Principal Software Consultant

"The passion of the teams and the drive to make a difference with the products make my experience fulfilling. Hexagon has always enabled new opportunities for the employee and has encouraged freedom to display our abilities to the fullest. I have transformed as a professional in so many ways. The leadership is committed to transparency, forward-thinking and a culture of positivity and oneness."

Jignesh Shah
Senior Technical Writer Consultant

"Hexagon R&D India constantly places trust in its employees, which gives us a sense of responsibility. Our people are encouraged to voice their opinions and share ideas, and the management listens and recognises them. I'm proud to be a part of an organisation that empowers its people and genuinely cares about professional and personal growth opportunities. The organisation truly puts its people first."

Sahana S Nagaraja
Senior Manager, Development, HxGN MinePlan

"Having worked in the US for seven years, moving back to India and taking a break from the work I loved was challenging. Hexagon R&D India helped me pursue my passion without a glitch. It has been a rewarding career here, and I cherish working with an enthusiastic team every day! The continuous opportunities for learning, innovating and the sense of helping the cause of humanity through various activities make my organisation a great place to work."

Padmini Kandula
Senior Manager, User Assistance

"I am passionate about writing, and every day at Hexagon is an exploration of how I can grow as a writer, a professional and a leader. I have seen the documentation team evolve into the user-assistance team. We embraced new changes and stepped into new territories like online help, instructional design, API documentation, and user analytics. The team's growth has been possible because of the organisation and its people's willingness to take risks and push each other to change for the better."

ArunKumar Nehru
Senior Software Consultant

"It's been ten years at Hexagon, and I have learned so much from every colleague I met during my tenure. There is so much
camaraderie at work, and everyone is incredibly encouraging, talented and always supporting each other. Hexagon has a proactive approach towards its people's well-being and frequently organises events, sports and wellness initiatives. There's nothing better than working in an organisation with such an energetic culture."

Aishwarya Bonagiri
Software Engineer, PPM Services

"I joined Hexagon as a fresher, and I see myself grow each day thanks to the positive environment and highly skilled peers. The organisation cares for its people and encourages everyone to push boundaries in new technologies. The employee-driven club, Interclub, keeps the spirit alive through sports and cultural events. I can say it's an excellent place to begin a career."

Jyothi Gundlapalli
Associate Executive Manager, OnCall Analytics

"I have been a part of Hexagon for 16 years. The best part of my journey is the nature of work and the openness and respect within the teams. Working in public safety gives me a sense of satisfaction that we are doing our bit towards the safety and security of communities. The challenging work combined with a well-defined process and friendly team makes every workday exciting and new."

Mohini Kalambe
Senior Software Developer, HxGN MineOperate

"I joined Hexagon as a fresher two years ago. There's nothing more important in the initial years than having good exposure and opportunities. For me, Hexagon has helped define my career path. I learn so much every day with a team that ensures consistent learning and opportunities. I have always been encouraged to excel in my domain and bring out my creative side. Senior members are always available to guide you. Working here has been a beautiful journey."

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