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Outperform your project objectives

Ensure projects are built to the agreed quality, budget and timeframe.

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Completing complex construction projects on time and on budget without compromising safety and quality is difficult. Hexagon’s unique sensor and software solutions enable general contractors to better plan, estimate and execute projects while keeping time, cost and quality under control.

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Offerings for the complete lifecycle of vertical structures, with solutions that ensure projects are optimised to reduce rework and build to plan — on time and on budget — while protecting human and material resources throughout the life of the asset.

Design phase

Capture an accurate digital reality of a building site’s existing conditions, features and positioning to help digitally design initial concepts that minimise inputs and reduce waste during the project.

Plan phase

Transform your vision and design into a plan of action, digitally mapping out every detail for the construction phase including materials, scheduling and cost.

Build phase

Orchestrate the construction process more simply, creating a model of productivity and efficiency with higher quality, fewer reworks and less waste while ensuring worksite safety.

Operate and maintain phase

Leverage all data from design, plan and build phases, to create a Smart Digital Reality that delivers full transparency to every element of the completed building to optimise operations, maintenance, safety and resiliency.

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Cities and nations
Offerings for the complex system of ensuring public safety, economic vitality and quality of life for citizens, with solutions that enable governments, industry and citizens to work together to build safe and vibrant communities that promise an improved standard of living and sustainable economic vitality.

Mapping solutions

Leverage location intelligence with solutions that capture, visualise, analyse and derive insights from location data to address a variety of urban and national challenges.

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General Contractors turn ideas into action every day, building the foundation of business. Hexagon’s autonomous solutions leverage powerful data utilisation to eliminate issues on the job site and streamline communication for more efficient operations.

Construct phase

Maintain a data-driven approach to orchestrate the entire construction phase, creating a 3D model of productivity and efficiency — with higher quality, fewer reworks and less waste — while layering 4D cost and 5D BIM scheduling data throughout the project.

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