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The HxGN OnCall Dispatch suite provides police, fire, EMS and communication agencies with quality incident management and call-taking capabilities to deliver better service during emergencies and major events.

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HxGN OnCall Dispatch is a flexible suite of next-generation incident management capabilities. Supporting on-premises, customer-hosted or Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments, the intelligent software suite provides superior incident management capabilities in the public safety answering point (PSAP), emergency control room, station, unit or anywhere first responders need to go.

Out of the box, HxGN OnCall Dispatch can help your agency:

  • Transform the call-taker and dispatcher experience
  • Connect roles for better safety and efficiency
  • Improve multi-agency collaboration
  • Support agile organizations and sustainable IT
  • Deliver better service and return on investment
  • Promote reporting, transparency and accountability


Greater agility and lower costs

Reduce custom coding requirements to adapt more quickly to changing demands and technologies, while lowering cost and administrative burdens.

Transformative user experience

Enhance call-taker and dispatcher performance and productivity through optimized interfaces, workflows and other dynamic user experience (UX) design.

Better coordination and collaboration

Provide more efficient response, increased capacity and enhanced coordination by connecting users across roles, agencies and jurisdictions.


Police, fire and EMS

Provides police, fire and EMS with tools to improve incident management, increase efficiency, deploy and manage resources, enhance operations and respond with speed and efficiency.

Supervisors and managers

Provides supervisors and managers with solutions to maintain visibility and control of live operations and developing resources and make more efficient and effective use of resources.

Call-takers and dispatchers

Provides call-takers and dispatchers with a transformative user experience that increases clarity, delivers better insight and streamlines workflows.
  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Advantage

    When every second counts, PSAPs must harness relevant information to quickly assess complex situations and take effective action. Transform capabilities for call-takers and dispatchers with HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Advantage, which delivers richer situational awareness without overloading the operator. With Advantage, agencies can improve collaboration and coordination between the PSAP, units and field officers. The solution features:

    • Innovative UX
    • Faster operations
    • Streamlined workflows
    • Clearer situational awareness
    • Automated assistance
    • NG911/112 and message-based communications with PSAP
    • Your choice of map provider
    • Easy configuration

    Offering flexible licensing and functionality, Advantage includes HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Dashboard for dynamic visual summaries of events, units and workloads.

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  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Call-Taker

    A subset of HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Advantage, HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Call-Taker allows public safety agencies to view, accept and manage calls for service, and create, update and forward event records. Optional modules deliver advanced call-handling capabilities, including structured call-handling and those required to support NG911/112 and message-based communications with the PSAP.

    Agencies can use Call-Taker with HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Viewer to offer call-taking and dispatch services via separate teams. The solution is also available for use with HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Essentials for agencies that provide call-taking using simple dispatch workflows.

  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Essentials

    HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Essentials, a subset of HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Advantage, delivers simple dispatch workflows to public safety agencies. It is available for use with optional modules, including HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Call-Taker.

  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Viewer

    HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Viewer provides a simple, cost-effective way to extend access to live dispatch information and basic functions while taking pressure off PSAP staff. Through a web browser, users outside the control room can view live operations, search live and historic information and create non-emergency events. The solution features:

    • Easy-to-use, self-service web access to CAD records
    • Supervisory and non-emergency workflows
    • Diverse role support

    Agencies with separate call-taking and dispatch functions can fulfill call-taker needs by deploying Viewer with HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Call-Taker.

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  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Dashboard

    HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Dashboard keeps control room staff and managers aware of live operations and developing trends without the costs or delays associated with developing, deploying and maintaining custom solutions. It delivers concise, dynamic summaries of live statuses and emerging trends for events and units. The solution features:

    • Out-of-the-box HxGN OnCall Dispatch data connections
    • Pre-configured dashboard gadgets
    • Web access that is easy to use and maintain
    • Concise, single-source PSAP operational views
    • Sustainable development and maintenance costs
    • Mobile and remote access
    • Minimal training required

    Dashboard combines summarized live data and rolling short-term data histories to maintain situational awareness, improve decision-making and achieve performance goals.

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  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Administrator

    Increase agility and cut management overhead with HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Administrator, a powerful browser-based tool that provides simple, centralized control of the system. Administrator streamlines configuration, maintenance and updating of clients, both in offices and units. It supports UI customization, such as laying out screens and forms, adding data fields and overriding labels. It also provides secure, flexible access control to data and functionality with role- and group-based definitions. The solution features:

    • Centralized system control
    • Streamlined deployment
    • Code-free customization
    • Flexible and robust access control
    • Easy data transfer between environments
    • Robust workflows
    • Simple software and configuration updates

    Administrator offers a single sign-on option and uses industry-standard authorization protocols to secure access to the system. All configuration is stored as data, so updates do not affect user configuration.

  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor

    Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and live data directly within the dispatch client, HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor provides real-time actionable insights during complex emergencies, from large, rapid-onset events to repeat offenses and linked incidents. It empowers decision-makers to intervene earlier and more effectively to improve outcomes, speed recovery and reduce impacts on communities, levels of service and personnel.

    Part of the HxGN OnCall Dispatch product suite, Smart Advisor utilizes a set of autonomous, analytical software agents within HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Essentials, Advantage, Viewer and Mobile Unit. Smart Advisor can also run in a browser alongside I/CAD 9.4.

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  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Customer Rules Engine

    HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Customer Rules Engine is a tool our Hexagon implementation team can use to help you customize HxGN OnCall Dispatch. Using Customer Rules Engine’s drag-and-drop editor, Hexagon experts can quickly build tailored business rules and user workflows within OnCall Dispatch to meet your organization’s specific needs, including automated changes to the UI.

    Customer Rules Engine allows you to get the most out of OnCall Dispatch by having Hexagon experts easily implement customizations or tweaks to the product. Business rules can also be implemented to support workflows and functions not available out of the box in OnCall Dispatch.

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