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HxGN EAM is an industry-leading asset management solution designed to extend asset lifecycles and improve productivity. With over 30 years of experience and continuous innovation, HxGN EAM empowers organizations to evolve from EAM to Asset Performance Management (APM). Its wide range of risk, condition, and reliability-based maintenance instruments, and applied technologies like AI and ML can deliver accurate, trusted data and strategic insights to drive better decision-making while ensuring policy compliance.

HxGN EAM's cloud-native foundation, device-independent work orders, and GIS or BIM capabilities enable organizations to access vital information when and where they need it. The solution's core modules offer specialized support to meet organizations' unique requirements, including asset management, asset performance management, work management, materials management, procurement management, budget management, inspection management, project management, and compatible units. HxGN EAM offers Asset Investment Planning capabilities to help organizations optimize investment planning to make the right investments in the right assets at the right time. The HxGN EAM Digital Work mobile app provides field technicians with real-time access to asset registry information, work orders, and inventory management. HxGN EAM delivers extremely reliable uptime, and the flexibility and scalability to enable organizations to easily grow as their requirements evolve.

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