Airborne Mapping

Digitalise cities and countries with Hexagon’s highly efficient airborne sensors and workflows.

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Hexagon provides industry-leading airborne mapping sensors and software. With 100 years of expertise, we develop airborne mapping cameras and LiDAR solutions that drive innovation and offer customers the most comprehensive portfolio on the market— including Hexagon’s unique hybrid sensing technology.

Maximising mapping efficiency

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Mapping a changing world

Cities are rapidly growing due to urbanisation, rural areas are developing as infrastructure evolves and farmlands are adapting to feed an increasing population. To keep up with our changing world, mapping needs to evolve. 

Hexagon has significantly increased the efficiency of airborne sensing technology for digital maps, which enables the collection of more data in a single flight and in turn reduces the time and cost of making maps.

birds-eye-view of a digitally reconstructed big city

The hybrid roadmap

Hybrid sensors that capture airborne imagery and LiDAR data simultaneously drive more efficient and comprehensive data collection to map cities and countries more frequently and with higher detail. As the only solutions provider with industry-leading components for airborne imagery and LiDAR mapping, Hexagon is well positioned to drive the hybrid roadmap. 

The comprehensive sensor portfolio provides solutions for topographic and bathymetric LiDAR mapping as well as nadir and oblique imaging. Strong components across all applications provide high flexibility and scalability, enabling customers to tailor sensors to their project needs.  

Lidar and imaging airborne mapping sensor

Highest Data Throughput

With the ever-increasing quantities of collected raw data, processing speeds need to be increased in parallel, allowing for the swift delivery of the processed data to the end customer. Leica HxMap, Hexagon’s airborne data-processing workflow, provides the highest data throughput for ortho imagery, stereo imagery and LiDAR data. Providing one unified workflow for all sensor and data types reduces staff training requirements and increases the flexibility to scale your production capacity. 

Hexagon also offers common flight planning and management software for all sensor types.

Airborne imagery and lidar processing software


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