GNSS Correction Services

GNSS Correction Services unlock high-performance, real-time positioning for applications around the world. Powered by expansive global and regional networks, Hexagon’s Correction Services provide seamless worldwide coverage giving you the highest quality data for assured, reliable positioning anywhere, anytime.

A plane, boat, tractor and survey images compiled with white circle overlays to represent GNSS Correction Services.

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Our portfolio of global PPP and regional RTK services transmit GNSS correction data in real-time, ensuring we have a service to best suit your application needs.

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    VERIPOS' Apex Correction Services delivers reliable and accurate GNSS positioning for offshore dynamic positioning applications.

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    TerraStar-C PRO Correction Service redefines the global PPP experience with RTK From the Sky technology.

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    Oceanix Correction Services deliver sub-decimetre accuracy for diverse positioning and navigation of marine applications.

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    A correction service that provides GNSS devices with centimetre-level accuracy for work that needs precise positioning.

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      High autonomy
      Autonomy requires accuracy. HxGN SmartNet empowers an autonomous future with reliable, high accuracy positioning.
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