How Hexagon creates value for buildings industry

A member of a construction team using one of Hexagon's programs on a tablet while on-site

Hexagon helps customers build efficiently, sustainably and profitably

Design, plan, build and operate with the correct data in the right place at the right time to bring speed, automation, sustainability and profitability to your built environment. Hexagon’s unique mix of sensors and buildings-specific software connects stakeholders at every stage of the lifecycle.

Defining the next normal

Projects have become increasingly complex and demanding, and many AEC firms are consistently challenged to manage these complexities using outdated, disconnected and inefficient technology and processes. Hexagon makes a clean break from the status quo by positioning building projects for success at every phase of its lifecycle.

Whether early in the design and planning process, during the full swing of construction or while optimising a building fit-for-purpose, a digital thread of data can be traced, connected, visualised, leveraged and updated for maximum value creation at each stage of the process.

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Informed design

Starting with the design phase, our sensors and software supply a continuous data flow up, down and across all phases of the building lifecycle. A single thread of data ensures that all changes from the design phase are captured and understood by all stakeholders. Projects run profitably as this data flow promotes transparency and real-time information-sharing among all stakeholders in the building process, including architects, engineers, project managers, work teams on-site, and building owners and management post-construction.

Our suite of sensors capture reality — both seen and unseen — providing architects and engineers the right information during the design process and creating reliable and accurate BIM designs. Architects can trust accurate data from our reality capture sensors before ground is broken to design and deliver built environments with better performance, lower environmental impact and reduced cost.

Design of a city

Accurate planning

Our connected ecosystem of autonomous building solutions enables project managers, engineers and building owners to develop a more accurate, efficient and cost-effective project plan that increases project performance and sustainability.

Utilising a fusion of reality capture technology and building-specific software, Hexagon’s 4D and 5D BIM solutions empower project owners and decision-makers to visualise changes to the budget, forecast and schedule in real time, optimising visibility, predictability and control.

This constant, real-time digital thread of information allows stakeholders to evaluate changing conditions and make better-informed decisions. The result is fewer schedule and budget overruns, less rework, less waste, and greater accuracy in the build-to-design (BID) process – all factors critical to completing your building project on time, on budget and more sustainably.

Planning on a computer with 4D and 5D BIM

Sustainable building

During construction, a continuous digital thread of information and advanced automation technology allows contractors to execute on time and budget with as little waste and rework as possible. Data flows throughout every building process, capturing progress with sensors and software solutions that enable real-time data exchange among all workers on-site and between office and field.

Hexagon’s intelligent management and planning software transforms real-time, collected data into actionable information that streamlines decision-making on-site and optimises workflows. It enables work packages and assignments to be distributed to workers in a timely fashion. It also ensures greater accuracy so that when changes arise, workers can see and understand them quickly before mistakes are made and schedule and cost are impacted.

Building workflow

Continued success

Our building solutions enable a connected ecosystem where a single digital thread of data is woven through every phase of construction. The same continuous data flow that permeates the entire process — enabling and facilitating real-time data exchange — now uniquely benefits the ultimate stakeholder: the building’s owner operator. All the assets collected throughout the building lifecycle are maintained and leveraged during completion and turnover, allowing the owner full visibility into every process and component of the finished building.

The collected data creates an operational digital twin of the building, ensuring that the owner’s post-construction maintenance and operations team has accurate and up-to-date information needed to manage the completed building efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

Four building planners stand around a table and review construction plans

Accelerating transformation

Hexagon unleashes the most dynamic use of data available, with a unique mix of sensors and solution-specific software that connects all stakeholders to the right data in the right place at the right time, bringing speed, automation, sustainability and profitability to any built environment.

• Access a more accurate model thanks to sensors that create a digital view of site conditions above and below ground

• Optimise building and site design through CAD and 3D BIM software

• Integrate project portfolio management, project controls, schedule management and contract management for collaboration and visibility

• Allow smart mapping of the 3D model with project schedule and cost elements to optimise cost and schedule planning (5D BIM)

• Assign work and monitor progress from centralised planning software

• Utilise scan-to-verify for as-built verification to the model and reveal issues early and reduce delays

• Manage construction costs for more accurate budgeting and forecasting



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