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Pre-construction activities and decisions can make or break your construction project. You must ensure the constructability of the design and often make multiple site visits to understand exact conditions and positioning of new design elements, identify invisible building components and resolve issues that could cause the design model to be incomplete.

Hexagon’s reality capture sensors and software provide a better understanding of the site’s existing conditions above and below ground without the need for multiple site visits and help you streamline collaboration during design. Our CAD and BIM design solutions with AI-powered workflows automate and accelerate mundane or laborious tasks.

Hexagon fosters better BIM coordination and virtual design collaboration with our innovative CAD and BIM solutions. Our sensor and software solutions bridge the gap between the office and the field and support workflows like digital layout directly from BIM, increasing quality and reducing waste.

Reality capture solutions enable fast and accurate as-built verification for flatness analysis and building element comparisons from the BIM directly in the field. These reality capture capabilities lower the risk of costly delays and reduce downstream issues by creating a constant feedback loop between the as-built and design.

Hexagon provides general contractors and project managers with a rich portfolio of solutions to improve cost control, project visibility, and minimise conflicts, and delays. Our unique mix of sensor and software solutions for 4D- and 5D-BIM management, construction progress documentation, digital layout and as-built verification help to stay on schedule, budget and better manage resources improving project outcomes and sustainability.

These solutions are crafted especially for the AEC industry to optimise building design and construction by connecting the office and the field every step of the way.
Hexagon supports layout specialists with a portfolio that offers the latest design documents, uses best-in-class layout tools, increases efficiency and accuracy in layout tasks and digitises layout workflows. Hexagon’s digital layout construction solutions enable stakeholders to transfer design data from the office to the field accurately and in real-time, reducing rework, waste and delays on construction sites.
Office-to-field integration with Hexagon’s unique mix of construction software and sensor solutions reduces the time and expense of point layout creation in the office and boosts point layout productivity in the field.
The proper maintenance and asset management of a large building can be very complicated. Hexagon's autonomous digital reality capture solutions can create precise 3D digital twin of a facility to help owners and operators better visualise, access and manage asset information. Virtual asset management capabilities allow users to remotely access detailed and precise digital 3D replicas of the physical site, complete with geotagged assets such as internal spaces, selected floors or specific components. These precise digital realities reduce the need for on-site visits and enable remote asset management.

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