Enterprise Project Performance

Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) broadens focus from single project outcomes to achieving business objectives across all projects within an organisation. EPP software integrates processes through a project's lifecycle, including portfolio, project, and contract management, improving efficiency, predictability, and control across all projects, programs, and portfolios.

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What is Enterprise Project Performance?

Simply delivering quality projects on time and on budget is no longer an acceptable benchmark of success. Instead, project performance today requires a broader perspective. Do our project portfolios deliver the intended strategy? Are business goals and financial objectives being met? Only by selecting the right projects, in conjunction with exceptional project delivery, can you meet and exceed the performance results demanded today.

Yet the scale and complexity of today’s projects and portfolios have made it difficult to achieve and maintain high levels of performance. The difference between how most capital projects are expected to perform and how they really perform is often stark. Inconsistent processes and low predictability throughout the projects lifecycle are yielding regular cost and schedule overages and sporadic business results.

A new way of working is imperative, galvanised by an industry leading platform powered by and empowering Digital Transformation.

EcoSys™ Enterprise Project Performance software allows organisational leaders to select the right projects to drive their business and growth objectives, and then deliver them as efficiently as possible.



  • EcoSys

    EcoSys™ Enterprise Project Performance software adds efficient predictability and control across the full project lifecycle.

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      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Efficiently manage change through automated work processes and easily identify impact and potential conflicts of a change
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  • EcoSys Connect

    Powerful no-code/low-code integration platform makes vital integrations between EcoSys and other systems of record more responsive, faster to achieve and less costly.

  • EcoSys Documents

    Ensure the right document is always in the right hands at the right time to improve accuracy, efficiency and control.

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