Anti-jam Systems

GPS Anti-jam Technology (GAJT) mitigates against jammers to ensure the continuous signals required for calculating position and time remain available. GAJT is a commercial off-the-shelf product, which ensures short order lead times and quick deployment. As well as protection, situational awareness messages are provided to indicate the presence of jammers.

A red vessel on the ocean with an offshore oil rig next to it with white and orange lines above the vessel depicting anti-jamming.

GNSS anti-jam and anti-spoof

GNSS anti-jam and anti-spoof technology protects against interference, jamming and spoofing.

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  • Product

    VERIPOS' GAJT-710MS mitigates intentional and unintentional jamming in the most challenging offshore marine environments.

  • Photo of GAJT 410 710

    GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) mitigates jammers so that continuous signals to calculate position and time stay available.