Project portfolio management, project controls and project management software all in one platform.

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The power of an Enterprise Project Performance mindset

In project-driven organisations, high performance means delivering the right projects, on time and on budget. Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) is the philosophy that you can only sustain high performance by considering how ALL projects and resources contribute to business objectives.

Enterprise Project Performance software is project portfolio management, project controls and project management software all in one platform. EPP software provides an enterprise-wide perspective into what drives project success and integrating key processes throughout the full lifecycle of projects and portfolios.


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A unique solution for today’s project challenges

Hexagon’s EcoSys improves outcomes by removing barriers that typically prevent you from confidently planning and executing projects, thereby:

  • Freeing people’s time to do their jobs – do the work that matters most instead of low value activities like data collation, formula checking and error correcting.
  • Empowering better decisions – key insights are based on accurate and up-to-date data, allowing you to make a positive and timely impact.
  • Driving alignment – everyone is on the same page and using the same processes, procedures, reporting, tools and data.



EcoSys is a modern, fully web-based software platform that scales to the enterprise. Offering a feature- and function-rich foundation of standard processes, EcoSys drives business success by allowing you to consolidate many systems, tools and spreadsheets into an enterprise powerhouse.

  • No-Code Configurability - EcoSys is the most flexible EPP platform on the market. Screens, spreadsheets/tables, forms, workflows, alerts, formulas/KPIs, reports, dashboards and menus are all tailorable without the need for programming or IT resources. This makes EcoSys easier and less expensive to use and maintain.

  • Scalability & Performance - Manage any number of portfolios, programs, projects, and contracts. From one-off mega projects to multi-year capital programs, EcoSys handles millions of transactions with ease.

  • Integration – EcoSys integrates with virtually any source of project and opportunity related data. Typical integrations span finance, accounting, procurement, design, scheduling, construction management and contractor time and materials tracking.

  • Mobile – Having on-demand access to information and the ability to communicate quickly and effectively is imperative to your project success. Leverage pre-configured mobile apps or build your own to stay connected to your projects.

  • Visual Workflows – Digitally model business processes to improve efficiency, consistency and accountability. EcoSys provides robust capabilities to build visual workflows with rules that help business processes run smoothly.

  • Flexible Delivery Methods - Access portfolio, project, and contract information anywhere, anytime. EcoSys is a fully web-based solution that can be deployed on-premises, in a managed hosting environment, or as a SaaS solution. Choose which option is best suited to your IT, infrastructure and access needs.


EcoSys is a fully configurable solution that adapts to the needs of project-intensive organisations or industries. We work with our customers and leading experts to incorporate industry-specific best practices within the solution. EcoSys currently serves a wide array of customers in industries including:

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