Hexagon OP Collision Avoidance System

Used in more than 40,000 vehicles worldwide, Hexagon OP Collision Avoidance System offers 360-degree operator awareness via a non-intrusive cabin display unit for vehicles, assets, and operators in open pit mines.


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Main benefits

See what you’re missing

At any speed, 360-degree collision avoidance improves operator vision, eliminates blind spots and heightens situational awareness within 500 meters.

Continuous safety improvement

Analytics capabilities allow for full access and interpretation of data for informed decision-making and continuous safety improvements.

Everyone gets home safely

GNSS and RF technologies require no local infrastructure, plus minimal nuisance alarms mean high operator adoption.

First in safety: safety first

The dangers faced by miners everyday demand more than point solutions. The next generation of Hexagon safety solutions connects autonomous ecosystems with unparalleled integration of sensors and software to mitigate the risks posed by busy vehicle and pedestrian traffic, blind spots, distraction, fatigue and slope instability.

At the core of this integration is Hexagon OP Collision Avoidance System (CAS). It provides 360-degree operator awareness for surrounding vehicles and equipment, as well as a technology-leading collision avoidance function based on path prediction.

Via a non-intrusive cabin display unit, CAS protects all mining vehicles, assets, and vehicle operators within 500 meters. CAS fits well on your digital roadmap because analytics capabilities ensure full access and interpretation of data for continuous safety improvements.

Built on reliable hardware proven in all mining environments, CAS helps minimize near-misses, reduce speeding events and continuous 360-degree visibility. An optional add-on is tracking radar, which characterizes a potential threat’s position and motion, providing the information needed by drivers and supervisors.

Most importantly, everyone gets home safely.

Traffic awareness and collision avoidance

CAS provides vehicle operators with 360-degree operator awareness when traveling at any speed and in all conditions, via non-intrusive cabin display units. A GNSS unit calculates the vehicle’s speed and path of movement, improving vision and heightening situational awareness.

See and be seen with real-time traffic alerts

Positional information of each vehicle fitted with the system enables real-time traffic alerts. Operators see other vehicles’ locations and where vehicles are heading. The system’s in-built safety zone feature predicts potential collisions in advance and alerts drivers.

Easy to install and quick to configure

Standard system hardware consists of a display, the main unit, a combined antenna that contains the GNSS, real-time radio antennas, and Wi-Fi for real-time tracking and reporting. It’s easy to install, quick to configure and cost-effective.

Improving mine safety

Safety’s too important for partial solutions. Learn how Hexagon helped Minera San Cristóbal S.A. address risks, minimize nuisance alarms and get everyone home safely.

Serious about safety at Cerrejón

In Colombia, Cerrejón is protecting its people and equipment with Hexagon’s collision avoidance technology. It not only helps the mine to minimize the risk of accidents, it also addresses other safety challenges.

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How technology can mitigate risks in the pit

Dangers faced by miners every day are too numerous and too varied to be addressed by point solutions. CAS anchors an integrated portfolio combining systems for fatigue, personal protection and vehicle intervention.

Integrating mine ops with slope monitoring

Integration between IDS GeoRadar and CAS means that operators can receive immediate notification when they are imminent danger due to slope activity on a highwall.

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