GNSS anti-jam, anti-spoof for defence

GNSS anti-jam/anti-spoof technology to protect against interference, jamming and spoofing.

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Interference, both intentional and benign, is increasing worldwide due to a crowded radio frequency spectrum and the availability of low-cost GPS jamming devices. You need a layer of protection to ensure your positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) remains reliable, available and accurate.

Anti-jam across applications

  • Land platforms
  • Marine vessels
  • For unmanned platforms

Anti-jam for vehicles and fixed installations

Interference, jamming and spoofing can occur anywhere and anytime. Land vehicles and fixed installations rely on assured positioning, navigation and timing information. Your operations, people and assets come under threat if this information is no longer reliable or accurate.

GPS Anti-jam Technology (GAJT) provides a layer of protection and resiliency against the growing threat of interference, jamming and spoofing to military vehicles and platforms, networks and timing infrastructure. With jammer direction-finding capabilities, GAJT provides situational awareness for users to better characterise their RF environment. A silent mode feature reduces its thermal signature to aid in avoiding detection.

With simple integration into new and legacy GNSS receivers, as well as compatibility with M-code, GAJT identifies, mitigates and protects against jamming and spoofing attempts.

A soldier installing a GAJT-710ML on a military vehicle. (<a href=""  target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Photo Credit: U.S. Army</a>).

Jamming and spoofing protection at sea

When there are no geographic landmarks to navigate by, GNSS/GPS positioning solutions become even more vital. Whether offshore or in the littoral, marine vessels rely upon their positioning, navigation and timing measurements to ensure continuous and safe operations for crew, vessels and cargo.

The 2017 spoofing event in the Black Sea revealed how vulnerable marine vessels are to radio frequency interference and jamming. Whether in defence, commercial shipping, nearshore piloting, hydrographic or seismic survey, or offshore energy and construction, vessels require assured positioning, navigation and timing.

GPS Anti-jam Technology (GAJT) delivers protection against unintentional and intentional interference, including jamming and spoofing attacks, ensuring an assured positioning solution anywhere at sea.

A nearshore blue and grey vessel on the water protected from jamming by a GAJT-710MS.

Unmanned and autonomous platforms

Anti-jam capabilities are vital for unmanned and autonomous platforms, as interference can overpower positioning systems to the point of total GNSS denial. This situation leaves the platform vulnerable.

Further, unmanned and autonomous platforms, including aerial vehicles or marine vessels, require low size, weight and power (SWaP) jamming protection.

The GPS Anti-jam Technology (GAJT) portfolio includes low-SWaP options for land platforms, marine vessels and aerial vehicles, providing assured positioning, navigation and timing for mission-critical operations.

A white Schiebel CAMCOPTER flying above arctic waters.


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