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Visibility below the surface

One holistic solution connecting surface to underground.

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As miners dig deeper for deposits, the need for better communication and collaboration increases. Your mine’s ability to digitalise processes and react to workflow changes in real-time means optimised operations and safer management of assets and fleet. From fleet management systems to software for planning, design and scheduling, Hexagon solutions connect processes and workflows underground.

  • Overview
  • Industrial facilities
  • Cities and nations
  • Mines
Industrial facilities
Getting raw materials into the hands of end users presents formidable challenges — from mining to materials handling, mineral processing, de-watering, smelting, refining and shipping. Learn how Hexagon provides a life-of-mine solution from the pit to the plant to the market.

Operate and maintain phase

Leverage data from the planning, design and build phases to create an operational twin: a smart, digital reality that connects people, processes and events throughout the entire industrial facility lifecycle.

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Cities and nations
Hexagon has offerings for the complex system of ensuring public safety, economic vitality and quality of life for citizens, with solutions that enable governments, industry and people to work together to build safe, vibrant communities that promise a higher standard of living and sustainable economic vitality.

Industrial and commercial resiliency

Forge safer industrial and commercial facilities with scalable surveillance, security and incident management capabilities.

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Mining companies are under increasing pressure to cut costs and improve safety. Learn how Hexagon’s underground mining solutions enhance productivity during the entire mining lifecycle with proven technologies for planning, operations and safety.

Drill and blast solutions

Calculate and analyse the efficiency of each step in the drill and blast process via a tailored feedback loop to ensure continuous improvement through accuracy and precision.

Exploration solutions

Empower the mine exploration process with the ability to store, manage and analyse drillhole data, perform geological interpretation of deposits and generate accurate block models.

Material movement solutions

Execute successful material movement through planning, fleet management, safety and slope monitoring powered by integrated mining technology.

Planning solutions

Access powerful 3D modelling and simulation, data visualisation and planning software for geologists and engineers that supports seamless workflows from exploration to production.

Survey and monitoring solutions

Enable quick and informed decision-making with intelligent and comprehensive monitoring solutions that don’t compromise on safety or productivity.

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