Mine Survey Planning

Manage, analyze and model survey data via CAD and point cloud capabilities.

underground point cloud

Flexible software combines 3D visuals with point cloud inspection

Hexagon offers scanning technology integrated with the automated tools to process millions of point cloud data.

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Hexagon provides surveyors with a comprehensive software solution to manage, analyze and model survey data throughout the entire mining lifecycle using mine planning 3D visualization and CAD, plus proven point cloud capabilities.


Mining’s downstream tasks depend on clean surfaces generated by modern survey data processing techniques. Investment in scanning technology is essential, but without a powerful means by which to process the millions of point data clearly and quickly from scanning, that investment will not pay off to its full potential.

Hexagon provides powerful 3D modeling, data visualization, and planning for geologists and engineers, supporting seamless workflows from exploration to production and backed by more than 50 years of innovation in partnership with more than 10,000 global users.

The software integrates with Hexagon’s platform for full-scale point cloud management, including automated point cloud analysis and modeling.

The platform includes a range of powerful and adaptable tools for point cloud inspection and meshing that can be leveraged to create an assortment of 3D deliverables.

Point cloud survey data visualization


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