Key stakeholders of the mining industry

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Supporting stakeholders at every level of the mining value chain

Hexagon’s technology and solutions enable stakeholders across the mining industry to make better decisions faster. 

Get smarter integrated cloudware, sensor software solutions, and in-field apps that connect mines to boardrooms in real-time; enabling better decision-making around unique and complicated risks while satisfying multiple interests and creating value. Hexagon offers safer, autonomous, more sustainable mining solutions spanning exploration and planning, safety, and operations.

Tech services are at the forefront of technology to capture, manage, manipulate, interpolate and analyse life-of-mine data.

From exploration to production, geologists, engineers and geotechs must find ideal solutions for modeling, design and scheduling. This includes software to store, manage and analyse drillhole data; perform geological interpretation of deposits to generate an accurate block model; leverage 3D visualisation and CAD tools for open pit, underground and quarry design; and use activity-based Gantt-chart scheduling.

Rapid, integrated and standardised software for grade control, production planning and reconciliation allows production engineers to work quickly and efficiently.

From operators to maintenance engineers, those responsible for executing the mine plan in the pit or underground depend on integrated technology that’s proven to be safe and efficient.

Fleet management, optimised haulage and blending, high-precision guidance, equipment health and fragmentation analysis — just some of the key ingredients for the smooth operation of a mine — are integral to Hexagon’s life-of-mine solution.

This holistic approach connecting sensors and software, infield apps and cloudware is underpinned by safety systems for collision avoidance, operator alertness, pedestrian safety and vehicle intervention to meet a primary goal: everyone gets home safely.

Prioritising the big picture means ensuring that mine management and corporate job functions focus on performance, safety and the bottom line. Depending on your role — mine manager, executive or tech director — you depend on reliable and accurate insight to ensure everyone is focused on the safe, sustainable and profitable operations.

Hexagon is the only technology partner to connect the mine to the boardroom via an onboard platform comprising a smart computer, antenna and display.

Integrated solutions for mine planning, operations, drill and blast, safety and monitoring compose an enterprise portfolio of connected processes and people, converting data to information and informing smarter decisions.

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