Mine Scheduling and Optimising

Create mine plans with scheduling scenarios integrated to the block model, haulage and blast design.

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Generating the best possible mine plan requires a holistic approach. Monitoring its execution is integral to ensuring an operation stays on track and that business objectives are achieved. Hexagon solutions help to align mine planning with mine operations so mines can realise maximum project value.


Taking a holistic approach

The mining industry reports hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue every year. Most of this value is forecasted ahead of time and reported in the life-of-mine and budget plans.

Mine planners regularly evaluate and update several mine plans simultaneously. Traditionally, long, medium and short-range plans have been prepared piecemeal by multiple departments, teams and software.

This approach can be difficult without the right software tools focused on open pit design and with no integration to the block model. Manual and spreadsheet calculations are time-consuming, prone to error and inefficient. Scheduling decisions might be based on inaccurate data.

Hexagon software enables a holistic approach, which empowers planning engineers to integrate mine plans across multiple planning horizons. This can improve efficiency at your mine, helping you to make informed decisions by applying timely and accurate data to minimise the variance between plan and execution.

wide view of open pit mine under blue skies


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