Mine Exploration Planning

Analyse drillhole data, geologically interpret deposits and create accurate block models.

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Estimate your resources with the peace of mind of data integrity

Store, manage and analyse drillhole data, geologically interpret deposits and generate accurate block models.

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Hexagon provides geologists with a centralised database platform for securely managing drillhole, blasthole, sample and any other data with built-in functionality for data processing and quality assurance/quality control (QAQC).


Creating detailed mineral resource estimations for any deposit type can initially be fraught with uncertainty. Secure data management, 3D visualisation and CAD, plus robust reserve estimation engines are key to instilling confidence and peace of mind.

Hexagon integrates mine planning tools for data management, visualisation and CAD, QAQC, statistics and geostatistics, geologic modelling, structural analysis, block modeling, resource estimation and more.

A centralised database platform manages drillhole, blasthole, sample and other data, with functionality for coding, spearing, compositing, validating, QAQC, viewing core photos and supported dynamic integration with a 3D viewer for correlating and analysis.

Geologists and geotechs can analyse data from databases and block models using a comprehensive collection of statistical and advanced geostatistical functions. They can better understand their structural geology data through a built-in stereonet analysis tool.

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