Precision Mine Drilling

Depend on machine-guided, high-precision drilling to execute drillhole and blast design effectively.

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Hexagon provides high-precision guidance for dozers, drills and loading equipment, improving bench elevations, reducing dilution and decreasing rework. Enterprise integration offers a single source for reporting and support across the fleet.


The drill and blast workflow directly impacts the entire mining process, from mining equipment efficiency, through crushing and grinding circuit performance, to recoveries and final product quality.

Costs and energy usage increase throughout the comminution process. Efforts targeted at optimising the blasting process can pay huge dividends downstream, reducing costs and energy consumption.

Hexagon tailors proven software and hardware solutions with technical expertise to measure and improve the drill and blast process. Accuracy and efficiency is ensured by using machine-guided, high-precision drills, allowing you to drill to the right position and elevation the first time, every time. 
Operational feedback via equipment and tablet-based apps means planners, operations and management are kept informed of plan deviations so they can pivot and minimise value lost. This integrated solution assembles planned schedules and operational progress in a web-based app accessible to stakeholders.

drill and blast process


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