Mine Resource Modelling

Empowering advanced mine resource modelling for any deposit type using 3D visualisation.

large quarry mining of iron ore

Unlock project value with proven 3D mine resource modelling

Hexagon’s resource modelling software helps you build, manage, code, calculate, analyse and interpolate 3D block models.

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Hexagon empowers geologists with software to control their block models, (simplified representation of an ore body) from model management and customisable calculation to powerful visualisation and querying in 3D. Individuals and teams can establish robust processes and generate reproducible results.


Creating a resource model can be challenging if the process is not repeatable or auditable. Some mathematical tools still in use are neither industry standard nor tested widely. 

Hexagon’s mine planning software is proven in hundreds of mines worldwide and began development more than 50 years ago. Our mine resource modelling software features programs for building, managing, coding, calculating, analysing, and interpolating of 3D block, stratigraphic and gridded surface models. 

It includes a model manager, a model interpolation tool and a model calculation tool, which together support highly customisable user calculations using built in QuickCalc and Python scripting. 

With Hexagon's solutions, geologists get the flexibility needed to execute customised workflows to generate models.

resource model in MinePlan


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