Mine Production Drilling

Streamline the drill and blast workflow from design to reconciling, planning and fragmentation.

blast site in mine

Introducing a Data-Driven Approach to the Drill And Blast Workflow

Keep production crews and other stakeholders directly informed of your planned and designed blast holes.

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Hexagon can help you integrate and streamline the drill and blast workflow with tools for blast design, safety exclusion zones, charge information and reconciliation between planned and actual fragmentation.


Planning blast holes without feedback or a direct way to share design data with production crews can lead to costly misunderstandings.

Hexagon provides a holistic, data-driven approach to all facets of the drill and blast process, including mine production drilling. This approach comprises a rapid design utility that allows you to create and store templates, complete bootleg analysis and create safety exclusion zones for equipment and personnel based on actual terrain in a 3D environment.

 Charge information per hole is assigned based on rock hardness, ore type classification or other factors to optimise fragmentation. Survey, timing and charge instructions can be viewed in the application and communicated to other stakeholders.

 Once holes are drilled and loaded in the field, actual results can be imported back to the utility for tracking plan versus actual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as horizontal, vertical, depth and charge compliance.

after blast in open pit mine


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