Mine Slope Stability Monitoring

Make faster, better critical decisions with proven slope stability monitoring solutions.

Pit benches designed with Hexagon’s slope stability monitoring solutions

Introducing critical mine slope stability monitoring solutions

Collect, analyze and alarm on radar data in near real time for quick decisions on known and unknown slope instabilities. 

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Hexagon’s comprehensive portfolio for slope stability monitoring in open-pit mines supports quick and informed decision-making through the integration of monitoring technologies with radar, geodetic and geotechnical sensors aggregated into one comprehensive software, for a holistic view of the mine.


Hexagon solutions for critical slope monitoring respond to the demand for the highest data reliability combined with the least maintenance.

A portfolio of radars with fast scan times and long range ensures early detection of slope movements over large areas. It includes the unique ability to integrate multiple radars together in one software platform. 

Customers can choose both mobile and permanent installations, built to withstand extreme weather conditions and the harsh mining environment. Both are designed for fast deployment and robustness to ensure the highest safety standards to manage risk conditions with confidence. 

Positioned strategically or tactically, Hexagon radars deliver unprecedented performance and data quality to geotechs tasked with making critical decisions.

straight-on look at the details of mining levels at open pit site


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