Geospatial mapping and analysis for mines

Leverage geospatial data to better understand mining operations. 

An aerial shot of a mining site

Using geospatial tools for volumetric measuring on mining sites 

Learn how to measure soil amounts removed from quarries or mines and estimate materials stored in piles. 

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Hexagon provides mining teams and stakeholders with mapping, remote sensing and 3D visualisation tools to enhance site analysis and operations.


Accurate knowledge of locations is vital to mining operations. Location-based data can provide mining companies and stakeholders with more in-depth understanding of mine sites. 

They key is to turn this data into usable information and insights. Hexagon’s geospatial mapping and analysis capabilities help organisations see sites like never before through 3D visualisation and advanced analysis to improve safety, sustainability and productivity. 

By leveraging satellite imagery, elevation data, LiDAR and other data sources, mining companies can conduct feasibility studies, map infrastructure, calculate resources, monitor site progress, assess risk, monitor reclamation and perform other critical tasks. They can also combine spatial and business data in easy-to-use dashboards and portals to deliver the latest maps and information to site operators, business users, regulators and others to empower operations, business analysis, compliance and more. 

front-end loader parked in middle of mine site

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