Grade Control

Standardise and integrate the grade control process by ensuring tasks are completed sequentially.

haul trucks working as part of a grade control process

Standardise your mine’s grade control into an auditable process

Hexagon ensures your grade control process is repeatable, auditable, and integrated into daily operational processes.

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Hexagon’s mine planning software allows you to integrate workflows into a mine's daily operational processes to optimise the recovery of the mineral resource. Standardising the entire grade control process ensures that tasks are completed sequentially with no missed steps.


Grade control is key to a mine’s downstream processes and integral to optimising recovery of its primary resource. Determining where each material should be routed depends on having all the information in front of you.

Hexagon software answers this need by consolidating and streamlining processes to manage blasthole survey, geology and grades using a database and quality assurance/quality control (QAQC) workflow.

Once blasthole data is approved, a rapid, standardised and auditable tool executes the block model interpolation process using highly customisable functions assembled in a workflow. Dig blocks are defined and materials routed to optimise accounting for dilution, grade and other geological factors.

After dig blocks are optimised, a click of a button sends polygons to fleet supervisors, surveyors and other stakeholders. When the shovel starts mining the routed material, Hexagon software reports daily shovel progress and available muck.

grade control determines where each shovel of material goes


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