Resource and Grade Control Modelling

Standardise daily updates of production drilling data into your production model.

Improve Performance

Informed data insights for grade control geologists

Store, manage and analyse drillhole data, perform geological interpretation and create accurate block models.

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Hexagon helps mining companies overcome the pitfalls of human error and costly mistakes by standardising the storage, management and analysis of drillhole data. This ensures timely geological interpretation of deposits and the creation of accurate block models.


The repetitive nature of loading daily production drilling data and updating the model is prone to human error. It can also be difficult to quickly onboard new staff.

Hexagon’s mine planning software is proven in hundreds of mines worldwide and began development more than half a century ago! It includes tools for resource geologists to store, manage and analyse drillhole data, perform geological interpretation of deposits and generate accurate block models.

You can create detailed mineral resource estimations for any deposit type, while generating grade control models based on large numbers of samples, to ensure material mined is routed to the optimum destination.

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