Mine Reality Capture

Reality capture solutions to help you improve and maintain efficient slope design.

Drone footage of mining site

Intelligent monitoring solutions prioritizing safety and productivity

Hexagon’s reality capture solutions visualize any environment, allowing you to model with accuracy and precision.

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Hexagon’s reality capture solutions are integral to long-term background monitoring of slope deformations and slow movements. This is crucial for improving and maintaining efficient slope design, long-term planning and geotechnical characterization of the rock mass.


The long range (up to 5 km) coverage and state-of-the art slow movement processing algorithm of Hexagon’s radars empowers mining professionals looking to collect long data sets on large areas with reliable and clean results. 

For decades, Hexagon’s Robotic Total Stations have set the industry standard for conventional strategic long-term monitoring. This expertise is complemented by the processing power of scalable monitoring software suite.

Through the analysis of satellite data, mine operators can complement ground-based deformation measurements to identify anomalous instability over large areas, to address and properly plan the best monitoring array.

Total Station at a mine


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